Friday, August 27, 2010

Learn Something New Every Day

I am excited about a new class at called Learn Something New Every Day. You might remember that in a previous post I stated that I believe we should actively pursue lifelong learning. This class is designed to help us be aware of something new that we learn every day. The class runs for the entire month of September and we'll create a mini-album along the way of the things we learn each day. I can hardly wait to get started next week!


  1. I'm taking the class, too. Looks interesting. I need to look at her pre-class materials this weekend!

  2. I'm also joining in again this year, I completed 2008, ducked 2009 (Life Issues!) and then lost my MOJO, glad to say it's back and ready to go for LSN 2010 LOL! Love the blog and your thoughts.


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