Friday, August 13, 2010

Square Punched Photos

The Library of Memories Community weekly challenge for July 22 was to "Spend 30 minutes square punching photos in your cold storage box. Create a card or a layout with a few of these freshly punched photos." I decided to go through my 2001/2002 cold storage photo box and square punch photos I didn't plan to scrap (or ones that I had already scrapped the duplicate of). I have three different square punches and I used whichever size looked best to punch out faces from the photos.

Prior to doing this, I only had about five square punched photos in my Square Punch Drawers. I now have quite a few photos and am looking forward to adding these to layouts, especially ones where I want to tell a story but don't have a photo that exactly matches the story.

I created a layout with 18 of the square punched photos - all of my niece when she was four-years-old. I love the way she would hold up four fingers to show how old she was right after her fourth birthday.

I'd already used many of these photos in a 2001 photo album and 2002 12x12 scrapbook, however I love the way this layout turned out with photos from the entire year. This layout will go in our Family & Friends LOM album. (This layout design was inspired by of a layout by Elizabeth Dillow for the Big Idea Festival at

Do you have old or duplicate photos laying around that you could square punch? Can you think of a unique layout for them?

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  1. Great idea and beautiful layout! Don't you love how the LOM system and BPS give such great inspiration?


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!