Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Musings

This past Friday evening I attended a ladies' ministry night at our church. The guest speaker was Stephanie Hunter. She is a pastor's wife and talented artist. She shared about herself and then played four monologues that she had recorded previously. She painted a small canvas while each monologue played then read scriptures of encouragement for women in all stages of life.

The first monologue was from the viewpoint of a 19-year-old hurting girl who wanted to cut herself to help heal the pain in her life. The second monologue was from the viewpoint of a 32-year-old mom of five who questioned whether she was being a good mom and whether all that she does is setting a good example and pointing her children toward Christ. The third was a 41-year-old career woman always striving for perfection and loaded down with the stress of her job. The fourth was a 72-year-old woman looking back on her life questioning if she had done things right, if she had done enough, if she was being a good grandmother, regreting mistakes she's made.

At first, I felt a little left out as I don't fit into the mold of any of these women. I'm no longer a teenager, I'm not a mom, I have chosen to stay at home rather than continue teaching as a career, and I haven't yet reached my golden years. However, as I pondered over my feelings of being on the outside of these examples, I realized that I can relate to each one and that the overall message rings true for all women no matter what their circumstances or stage in life.

Like the 19-year-old I have had times when I felt alone and wanted to do anything to lessen the pain in my life. I cried out for attention - fortunately for me I have known the Lord most of my life and would eventually return to Him for comfort.

Like the young mom, I have questioned whether I've been a good example to the children in my life whether that be my nieces and nephews, children I've taught in Sunday School and Children's Church, or the teenagers I've taught in middle school and high school. I wonder if my actions allowed them to see Jesus.

Like the career woman, I strive for perfection. Yes, that's present tense! Over the past few years I've released myself from much of the pressure of trying to be perfect. (Isn't it funny that the pressure was coming from me alone!) I continue to remind myself to allow the Lord to carry my burdens. As my friend Becky often says, I don't have to be everything to everybody all the time!

Like the 72-year-old, I often ponder my past and wonder if I did right, regretting my mistakes and wishing I would have made better choices at various times. I can't go back and change those things now, however I can continue on looking to God for guidance with each decision.

At the end of these monologues, Stephanie put the four canvases together to reveal the face of Christ and encouraged us to keep our focus on Jesus. He alone can help us carry the burdens, fill the emptiness, and shower us with peace and joy. He alone can wash away our sins and guide us on the right path for our remaining days.

How about you? Can you see yourself in any of these women? Do you know where to turn for the peace that passeth all understanding?

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful post - thank you :-) Yes, I can recognise elements of each woman's situation in my own; and yes, it's focusing on Jesus that will bring me the peace and strength and reassurance I need for it all. Thanks for sharing this xx

  2. What insight and transparency. Yes Jesus has to be our ONLY focus. When He is we can overcome all the shattered parts. Thanks my friend for sharing!


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