Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christmas Clutter Countdown Week Three

Christmas countdown banner

Started a Word file for my Christmas letter this week, just typed a few little bulleted items I want to remember to include in the letter. I remembered I had some Christmas stationary sheets in with my scrapbooking supplies and I pulled those out and put them in my Christmas file to use for this year's letter.

I went shopping this week and purchased the few supplies I need for the Christmas gifts I'm making. I also purchased the gifts that I'm not making. I have all these items stored on the Christmas shelf and planned on my calendar days to work on the items I'm making.

This week's room to work on was the office/craft room. I moved my office/craft room to a new room back in November of last year and did a pretty good job of organizing everything at the time. Since then, I completed the Library of Memories workshop and re-organized my photo and memorabilia storage - you can read about my new system in this post. A couple of months ago, I also re-organized some of my scrapbooking supplies by color. I am very pleased with the set-up in this room, so I didn't do much in here this week except pick up and put away all the little piles of things that tend to wind up on the floor when I'm working on several projects at a time!

I also worked more this week on my computer network set up: deleted all my files from the old computer, uninstalled programs from the old compter and wiped the hard drive clean, downloaded/installed programs on new computer. I still have a few things to go on this project, my goal is to be done by the end of the day on Monday.

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  1. Love the bins! Maybe sometime you will show us what's inside each of them? (if you haven't already)


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