Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: Sept 3 & 4

The Try Something New prompt that I drew for my September 3 page read: "Use pop dots or foam tape to give elements dimension." I used two pop dots for the flowers at the top of the page and a foam strip for the tag on the right side of the page.

September 3 - Today I learned: I can exercise five days in a row, riding the bike 30 minutes at a time, and adding in a 30 minute strength training routine three days IF I make it a priority everyday and do not get discouraged. I will eventually reap the benefits of feeling better and losing weight.

The Try Something New prompt for September 4 was "give your entry wings: include a bird, a butterfly, an angel or something else in flight." Since my lesson included regular Quiet Time with the Lord, I included several angel stickers in my layout.

September 4 - Today I learned: I can accomplish more in the mornings, ensure that I don't skip my Quiet Time with the Lord, and begin my day on a positive note IF I shut down the computer at night and complete my morning routine before booting it up in the morning. Then I can check email and read blogs and forums without feeling guilty that I didn't take care of the important things first.

I really didn't start the month out planning each lesson to be an "I can  . . . IF . . ." statement, but after the first few days, I like the way it's turning out.

Have you noticed the variety of colors on these pages? I'm doing something totally different than my usual get-everything-to-match-and-look-just-right scrapping. Each day I open the same template from Shimelle and then pick three papers from the class kit, starting with the paper number for the date and then choosing the next two also. The first color is the background of the template, the second color is for the flourishes, and the third color is the photo border. This is resultings in a variety of color combinations, and I have to admit that I'm just having fun with it!

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  1. My usual morning routine also includes exercise and a quiet time. So many days I am tempted to skip these and move right into my To Do list, but that never really gets me ahead in the long run. Good reminder - great pages!


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