Monday, October 25, 2010

Shimelle's True Stories Class

I started Shimelle's True Stories class today. It is a three week class focusing on writing our stories. The primary focus is on the writing each day, however if we feel inspired there are also sketches and sample layouts to spur our creativity.

Today's prompt was to list questions that other people ask you and then write the answers. I created a layout about one of the questions Robbie and I get asked often.

Journaling reads: People often comment that we are dressed alike or color coordinated and want to know if we did that on purpose. Yes, we actually take time to talk to each other in the mornings and coordinate what we're wearing. We like to be seen as a couple, like we are on the same team, together! And if one of us gets lost in a crowd, it's easy to remember what we're wearing.

I journaled about a few other questions that people often ask me and they may make it into a blog post or layout sometime this week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's prompt.


  1. what a great question to answer, and I love the layout! (I also love the fact that you and your hubby tend to match. Super cute.)

  2. such a cute page! thanks for your comment on my blog, great to have found you and your blog x

  3. My goodness - I'm lucky to get any sense out of my husband first thing in the morning! :-) x

  4. Sounds like a good class! Love your layout and journaling. My husband and I often look coordinated, but we don't plan it. Must be just being married that long!


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