Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Stories Prompts 3 & 4, LOM Community Challenge, Sketches in Thyme Favorite

I've had a wonderful, productive day in my craft room today. I worked on some handmade Christmas gifts and then completed two layouts to share with you.

I combined yesterday and today's True Stories prompts to create a layout about pecan pie. Yesterday's prompt was all about repetition and I wanted to create a layout about something I repeat, baking pecan pies every year for the holidays. Today's prompt was about writing letters, and I decided to write a letter to Grandma (whose recipe I use and who's been gone for over 9 years now). I wrote the letter in my journal then just tore that page out of the journal to use on my layout. I also included a copy of the recipe on the layout.

The letter reads: Dear Grandma,

It's almost time for me to pull out your recipe and bake a pecan pie. Ever since you've been gone, every Thanksgiving and Christmas I bake pecan pies. I bake one occasionally during the year as a special dessert for a get-together or if I'm just craving the taste. I always think of you and miss you when I'm baking a pie.

I remember the first year I took over making the pies, when you were in the nursing home, no longer able to get around much. That first pie didn't set up and it was all runny when we cut it. I asked what I did wrong, I was so disappointed and wanted everything to be perfect (like I always do). You looked at me and simply said, "You have to cook it until it's done." Well, I've got it down now; and no matter where I am or what oven I'm using (gas or electric), I simply bake it 'til it's done.

I wish you were here to share a piece with me. I miss you. Love, Your Ray of Sunshine Melissa

The photo of Grandma is not the best one I could find as she was pretty sick at that time, however as I was flipping through my Category Drawers looking for the right photo I realized she was eating a piece of pecan pie, one that I made! The journaling under the photo reads: Grandma's Last Thanksgiving. She's eating a slice of one of my first pecan pies. 2000

I had a wonderful time creating this layout and remembering Grandma sharing the secret to great pecan pies with me - just cook it 'til it's done!

This week's Library of Memories Community challenge was to create a PLACES WE GO layout using 5-10 photos and a map. I created a two-page layout with photos from four visits to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science over the past three years. I actually used 13 photos and did not use the map I had of the museum because as I started putting it all together the map really didn't fit into the layout.

And one other piece of news today - I am excited that I was chosen as one of the Top 3 Favorites at Sketches in Thyme for my Coca-Cola layout. You can see the other favorites here. I added the award blinkie to my side bar - check it out.


  1. Congrats on being in the Top 3 Faves.

    Love the LO of your Nan and the secret of her pecan pies. You need to keep this on here and not change your post!

    I decided to go light-hearted with my take on the the letter writing prompt as my posts for the first two prompts were quite heavy.

    Keep up the great work xx

  2. What a wonderful layout and letter!! I'm sure your Nan would love to know that you are carrying out such a wonderful tradition!!
    Your museum layout is super cute too, 13 photos WOW! I'm envious lol. I rarely get more than 5 photos, even on a double pager!!

  3. This is a great LO Melissa, the pie looks delish! I might have to write that recipe down... Although I have never heard of Karo syrup? Is that like corn syrup?
    Good to see you hear at Shimelle!

  4. I absolutely love your pecan pie layout. What a great tribute!

  5. This is a great layout and I love how you combined the prompts to make it a really unique piece. Oh, and I LOVE pecan pie! :)

  6. hi melissa, thanx for stopping by my blog. i love your letter to your grandma, it gives me an idea for writing something to mine. pecan pie recipe yummy, maybe we could have a copy?
    Jo xxxx

  7. Loved your content on the Shimelle inspired layout.My nan was famous for her fruit buns.I never liked them because I didn't eat fruit so I had to pick out every currants.Her recipe was lost with her when she died.I wish I had that recipe now-minus the currants!!!

  8. Many congrats on your award, and I've loved reading your story about your grandmother and the pecan pie ... I am sure she'd be very touched. :)

  9. Your pecan pie layout is such a wonderful and touching story! And I always love it when the advice is so simple.

  10. Congrats to you Melissa! I love looking at your layouts & your story about Grandma & the pecan pie touched my heart!

  11. Congrats on the Sketches in Thyme award! Love how you were able to combine the prompts and the photos to come up with the wonderful layout about your grandmother and pecan pie! I'm so glad you decided to start blogging again!

  12. Sweet layout & touching letter. Have to lol and her advice. Very nice take on the prompt!

  13. Fabulous post and that Pea
    can Pie looks so delicious - I might just have to try making it.

  14. I love everything about your pecan pie and grandma LO. I especially love her advice =) Great take on the prompts!


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