Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Clutter Countdown Week 12

Christmas countdown banner

I made a little more progress on my second batch of handmade Christmas gifts this week. Robbie and I decided on our Christmas budget for gifts for each other, and I gave him my Christmas Wish List. (I am still waiting for him to give me his!)

This week's cleaning and decluttering focused on the laundry room. I dusted and straightened all the shelves in our laundry room and decluttered as I went. I had one bag of trash and one bag of donation items when I was done. This week our city hosted its semi-annual recycling day, so we were able to drop off several donations at one time: the old computer body and obsolete router to be disassembled and all parts recycled, the items from the laundry room for the community outreach center, and several book for the library. Earlier in the week I had also dropped off two bags of items to the community outreach, mainly clothes that no longer fit (as I am continuing to go through my closet one batch of clothes at a time), and I had dropped off a full bag of VHS tapes that will go into the library book sale. I'm excited to get these items that we don't use or need out of the house and to know that they will all be recycled or reused.


  1. Decluttering is a wonderful thing to do, I feel so good when I have done some! I need to try and do some more soon as I can feel the cupboards and drawers filling!

  2. I love this idea of taking one room at a time and getting it done. Not too overwhelming but I bet it makes you feel like you got something accomplished. I really need to do this!


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