Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Clutter Countdown Week 18

Christmas countdown banner

The first thing to do this week was to decide exactly what else needs to be finished before Christmas day, make a list, and assign days to complete each task. Here's the list I created on Monday and my progress:
1. Plan meals for Family Get-Together & Christmas Day (DONE)
2. Deliver Cookies-in-a-Jar Gifts (DONE)
3. Buy groceries (DONE)
4. Purchase one gift (DONE)
5. Ship two packages (DONE)
6. Prepare & set up for Family Get-Together (12/17)
7. Enjoy Family Get-Together (12/18)
8. Wrap Robbie's Christmas gifts - we choose a day the week of Christmas and play Christmas carols while we wrap each other's gifts in separate rooms, then we place everything under the tree and fill the stockings (TBD)
9. Volunteer at ACO (12/16 & 12/20)
10. Christmas Eve service (12/24)
11. Prepare Christmas Dinner (12/24 & 25)
12. Enjoy Christmas Day (12/25)
In addition to these items, I'll continue my December Daily blog post and we want to continue watching Christmas movies, putting together Christmas puzzles, and enjoying our time together.

This week of the countdown is Pick Up Week where we go through our house and pick up anything that's out of place. I have to admit that this was easy for me as I typically pick everything up each evening. I do a quick walk through and put everything back in its place, check to see if the dishwasher needs to be run, push in any chairs that are out of place, and turn on the porch lights.


  1. I've been wrapping up my husband's presents this morning, with the Christmas music playing.. I'm feeling very festive now and it sounds like you are too :)

  2. I saw your guest design post over at Sketches In Thyme - congrats! That is a wonderful layout!

  3. Not long now! I like your idea of having a wrapping day, at the moment we just wrap each others when we get 5 minutes! All of the other presents are wrapped it's just the ones to each other!

    I also love your little countdown signs, they are so cute! :)


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