Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 3

We enjoyed a nice evening out starting with supper at Olive Garden, then a quick stroll through Toys R Us. We went to see Santa near the big Christmas tree, but he wasn't there. We found him at the Allen Americans ice hockey game against the Bossier Mudbugs. The Allen Americans won!

Completed the black and white pages for my Color! mini-album.

We have a busy Saturday planned today visiting family and friends! Hope y'all are having a great weekend.


  1. You saw Santa!! Lucky girl, I haven't managed to track him down yet. :)

    Beautiful layouts. I love the concept of doing a whole album inspired by colors ... I might need to borrow that idea!

  2. I'm taking the little ones to see Santa soon, ire ally hope they like it! Great pages Melissa :)

  3. Great black and white pages! I wasn't very active in the Colors Class, but really enjoyed this mini album!


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