Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 4

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and wonderful visit with our dear friends Dick & Iris. Then we headed out to Mama & Daddy's for a visit. Nichole, Mama & Daddy went with us to the Cumby Auction, then back to their house for a late night game of dominoes, which I lost horribly!

Received our first Christmas card in the mail today! Also got our first Christmas letter and family photo, plus our first gift of the year from Dick and Iris. I love these cute little snowmen salt & pepper shakers!

Today's Christmas Decoration Feature - Nativity
We set out our nativity scene a little differently this year because I have this great stable that Mama & Daddy made several years ago to use at the church they attended. When they moved last year, I "inherited" the stable. We don't a full set of nativity figurines, so I decided this year to use all our hodgepodge items to create the scene. I figure that everything wasn't perfect in that stable when Jesus was born, so it certainly doesn't have to be perfect on my sideboard either!

First, I added our Avon figurines of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Then I added all the miscellaneous animals we've collected over the years plus the one large white camel that we never use because it doesn't match anything else. And our one shepherd is also there in our scene.

We have a few animals that may not have been present that night, but add to our enjoyment of the scene, like this bunny rabbit hiding near the bushes.

While the conditions may not have been perfect that first Christmas, I am thankful and blessed that our Savior was born and that each year we celebrate His birth!


  1. Fun post. Love the story behind the nativity.

  2. Love your nativity - after all you got the first things first.

  3. Lovely nativity scene - nice that the figures have come down the years ...

  4. I absolutely love your thinking on the nativity scene - definitely what Christmas is all about!

  5. The nativity looks great, I like how you have done it :)


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