Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6

A fairly typical Monday with me paying bills and doing a little paperwork. We both had appointments with the podiatrist today (where they provide you with paper bag slippers to walk to the x-ray room!). We had an early supper at Mexi-Go, then spent the evening just puttering some (me crafting a little while Robbie finished up the book he was reading) and watching the movie Elf. I made Cherry Coke Salad for my book club meeting on Tuesday.

I was inspired by Sue's post about Card Cupids to create six quick Christmas cards for children who will be in the hospital on Christmas Day. I had cut out pictures from a Mary Englebreit page-a-day calendar that I had a couple of years ago, so I pulled some of the holidays ones out. I matted the pictures and adhered them to blank cards, then stamped a Merry Christmas sentiment inside each, signed them, and they are on their way to Card Cupids.

Today's Christmas Decoration Feature - Red Ryder BB Gun
If you've ever watched the movie A Christmas Story, you may recognize the Red Ryder BB gun in the Christmas display below, which is right outside Robbie's collectible toy room. We picked up the cute snowman last year at the auction, and together they offer a nice greeting to everyone coming in from the front room. (Yes, that is Yoda in a Santa suit beside a singing hamster on the shelf!)

Robbie even created a gift tag for the rifle. It reads: Merry Christmas To Ralphie From Your Old Man.

I'm not sure if this is your typical Christmas decoration, but it fits right in for a home with a collectible toy room! Anyone else have an unusual Christmas display?


  1. I remember Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs! We moved so much when I was little that eventually none of our childhood toys survived. In one particular move I think we left almost everything behind. :(

  2. I had a Mary Engelbreit calendar a couple of years ago and I kept it too - you have reused it beautifully :)

  3. That's a busy day! And I am intrigued by the words Cherry Coke and Salad all in the sentence!

  4. What a great idea for some quick and colorful cards! So kind of you to link back to my blog - thanks! We love A Christmas Story and the Red Ryder BB gun!

  5. Beautiful cards Melissa, that really is a lovely idea :)


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