Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily - My Plans

Many scrapbookers and journalers are documenting their holidays with a December Daily scrapbook (based on Ali Edward's popular December Daily series) or a Christmas Journal (based on Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class). While I'm not doing either of these projects this year, I am inspired to document our December using this blog. I'm planning a daily post featuring some of our favorite Christmas decorations, telling some of our best holiday memories, revealing our family traditions, sharing my Christmas crafts, and rambling about what's going on in our lives. As with the scrapbook and journal projects, we have to live the day first, so I'll be sharing about today tomorrow.

I must admit that I am already truly enjoying the holiday season this year, which in my mind kicks off with Thanksgiving Day and runs through January 6. As you've already read, our Thanksgiving Day was fun and relaxing. We put out all our Christmas decorations and decorated our trees on that following Friday and Saturday. The house looks so festive that it brings a smile to my face every morning. All my gifts for family and friends are completed, wrapped and under the tree. Robbie and I still have a little shopping to do for each other, but I'm almost done!

Today's Christmas Decoration Feature - Christmas Trees

We purchased this first tree the year we bought our little 1200 square foot happy home in Lufkin. We'd sold our 10 foot tree as there was no room for it. When I first saw it at the store, Robbie didn't like it because it was so skinny, but it fit perfectly in the little space we had in our living room that year. Since then we have both come to love this tree; it reminds us of the Douglas Firs covering the mountains when we visit Banff in the Canadian Rockies. This year I decided this would be our Santa tree, so it holds all our Santa ornaments.

Three years ago while we were out shopping during Christmastime, Robbie mentioned that he really liked the silver trees and would like to have one someday. After Christmas that year, I picked this tree up at 80 or 90% off. This tree is in our front room and is filled with ornaments we've collected in our travels over the past nine years and all our other miscellaneous ornaments.

This next tree is only four feet tall, and we display it on a short table. This year it is serving as the toy tree and is located in the entrance to Robbie's collectible toy room. These ornaments feature toys, movies, and superheros. Robbie rigged up his Thunderbirds 3 for a topper.

And then we have a miniature tree sitting on the kitchen counter that holds Coca-Cola and other red and white minature ornaments and balls.

I hope your December is off to a great start and I'm looking forward to sharing the holiday season with you this year!


  1. 4 trees and all the shopping done - wow! That's all I can say - wow!

    PS You really mean the season lasts through January 6th, not December 6th right? Although that would explain why you need to be so far along (wink!).

  2. Thanks S for that little correction - LOL, I obviously have December on the brain. I've just edited the post so I can enjoy the holiday season for much longer now. :>)

  3. Wow those are some great looking trees! Looking forward to reading more of your Christmas posts!

  4. Wow, your trees are beautiful Melissa!

  5. Beautiful trees Melissa, I am a big fan of trees too and like to have several around the house :)

  6. Love all your trees! Those "skinny" trees are so versatile and just fit anywhere!

  7. How fun are these trees! I love your skinny Santa tree and the toy room tree. Love this post!


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