Friday, December 17, 2010

Healthy Living Weekly Post: Maintaining!

Just a quick report today on my status of maintaining throughout the holiday season. I would have to say that I'm doing fairly good on the exercise and healthy living components, not great, but ok. I've sampled a few more desserts than I had planned and I've missed a few more exercise sessions than I would like to admit, however I am truly enjoying the holiday season and have not completely fallen off the healthy living wagon. My weight has remained fairly stable bouncing up and down about two pounds, however I'm keeping off the first 12 pounds that I lost!

As far as the emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of healthy living, I am doing great. The holiday season brings out varying emotional responses in all of us and there have been years when I've allowed depression to take hold, however this year I am remaining focused on the true Reason for the Season! In addition, as many of you know, Robbie's job ended eight months ago due to his company being sold, so we have the added element of not knowing where the next job will be or when the next paycheck will come. We are consciously choosing to enjoy this December, having time together every day for holiday events, watching movies, playing games, and relaxing. My thought is that once Robbie returns to work, it may be 20 years (until retirement!) before we have this much time together during the holidays, so we are enjoying it.

I hope y'all are enjoying a healthy holiday season - physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually!

(Next week I'll be taking a break from my Weekly Healthy Living Post, but I'll be back on December 31, ready to move past the maintenance stage and on to more weight loss, new exercises, fresh recipes, and a brand new year.)


  1. I've managed to lose through December so far, but I think between Christmas and New Years, maintaining will be a good goal. Merry Christmas!

  2. great to hear you are achieving your goal of maintaining.


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