Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Clutter Countdown Final Week 21 & Organizing Goals

The last week of the Christmas Clutter Countdown is always bittersweet. My favourite part of the countdown is the connection with others who are also striving to declutter and have a stress-free holiday. I’m so excited to have completed all 21 weeks on track this year. We definitely had an enjoyable and stress free holiday season (despite the lingering fact that Robbie is continuing to look for his next job opportunity!).

We have all our Christmas decorations packed away and back in the attic. I even took time to re-organize a few things in the attic earlier this week as it was not too hot or too cold while I was up there. We have well over 30 boxes of Christmas stuff, and I keep them all labeled and placed where I can read the labels. (Who knows, I might need to get to a miniature tree or my Santa shirt for a Christmas-in-July party, right?)

We did not complete all our 12 Days of Christmas movies. We watched movies through the 7th day, but honestly I’m a little tired of TV for now. We rarely watch TV during the year, so with all the Christmas movies and then seven additional days of movies (three of which were the extended version Lord of the Rings movies), I’m done with TV watching for a while.

I totally enjoyed how festive the house looked this year with all our decorations up. Robbie and I both agree it was the best job of decorating we’ve ever done. However, I also love the crisp clean feeling in the house once everything is put away and my everyday d├ęcor items are back out. It feels a little empty at first, but once we’ve taken time to vacuum up the tree needles and get everything back in place, it feels like a fresh start for the year.

Of course, there seems to always be something that needs to be organized or decluttered. For 2011, I have a few projects/goals that I'd like to complete:
1. organize/declutter the closet in the guest room - this closet holds Robbie's "stuff" and we'll work together to go through each box and get it organized
2. create a spreadsheet and inventory our collection of books
3. declutter garage attic space - this space has become a collect-all spot over the past couple of years and it's time to go through and see what really needs to be stored and what needs to find a new home

Here's wishing each of you an organized and clutter-free 2011!


  1. Wow, your Christmas stuff does look organized. I, too, want to get a handle on our book "collection". I'm interested to hear how you do your inventory.

  2. I love the festive red and green tubs you have to store your decorations in!

    I'm another one who is interested in how you organise your book collection.

  3. Yes I agree with Sian, the storage tubs are so lovely and very festive. Our Christmas decorations are all in cardboard boxes that have probably seen better days! :)


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