Friday, January 14, 2011

Healthy Living Weekly Post: Excuses & Rewards

I have to start with a confession. I have not done well with my healthy eating and regular exercise goals so far in January. That's the bare bones truth of it, and I really don't have any excuse. Well, I do have some excuses that I've been telling myself:
*We've had some cold gray days here which always seem to blah me out, where is the sunshine?
*I needed some time with no schedule or responsibilities after the busy holiday season.
*I'll get back on track tomorrow.
*On January 3 I tried a new strength training routine that left me very sore and somewhat discouraged, although in retrospect I should have felt elated that I was able to complete the routine.

I know, I know, these excuses even sound lame to me! Luckily this week's focus in the Wellness Journey workshop at BPC is all about tools and techniques to overcome obstacles as well as simple ways to reduce stress. I love what Lisa had to say in this week's handout:
Whatever you do when faced with an obstacle to your wellness lifestyle, don’t panic. You haven’t failed. Remember this isn’t a diet that lasts for four weeks or eight weeks. This is a plan for you to transform your lifestyle forever. So if you don’t make the best choices today, vow to make better choices tomorrow. So, I'm resolving today to do better in the coming week. In fact, I made myself complete a 30 minute ride on the stationary bike before I allowed time to work on this post!

This week in the Wellness Journey workshop, we were also encouraged to create a list of rewards as we work toward our healthy lifestyle goals. At the end of 2009, I had my first ever full-body luxury massage and it was WONDERFUL. I told myself then that when I lost down to 160 pounds, I would have a massage as a reward and then set a new goal for myself. As some of you know, I didn't really get serious about changing my lifestyle until September of 2010. In spite of my late start, I did reach my goal in late November. However I didn't reward myself with a massage because I didn't feel the need for it and I wanted to spend the money on Christmas instead. Over the holidays, my weight fluctuated right around the 160 mark, a little up or down each week. I am totally excited that I've maintained what I've accomplished and have decided it is time for that massage as a reminder of what I've accomplished so far and an encouragement to continue toward my goal of a healthier me.

I've been a little reluctant until now to put my actual weight out there; I'm not really sure why but it seems the number on the scale is a one of those big secrets we keep. However, I've been encouraged reading Cathy Zielske's Move More Eat Less posts and Cheri's Fitness Friday posts where they reveal their weight in an effort to motivate themselves and others.

While I'm enjoying my massage this week, I'll be planning my next goal and reward which I'll share in next week's post.


  1. Good for you :-) That's the way to go - don't get defeated even when you don't do as well as you'd like (it can be all too easy to feel like you've failed, and give up completely!) And YES - build in little (or big!) rewards to keep you motivated and to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back xx

    (I sound like I have it all sorted, don't I? lol! Wish it was so!)

  2. Good for you! I'm always interested in what people do to encourage themselves in this ongoing, life-long battle to maintain a healthy life style. Since spraining my ankle in November I've gained four pounds and am struggling to take it off without the usual aerobic conditioning that helps weight loss along. I'll be checking in again to see what other insights you get from class. (I started getting a mini-massage for my back on a monthly basis last March and it has been worth every penny I've spent!)

  3. Melissa - congrats on meeting your first goal and basically maintaining it over the holidays! That is big. I'm struggling right now too, but hang in there - every little thing we are doing is a step in the right direction!

  4. Melissa you are doing well! Maintaining ones weight over the holidays is quite an accomplishment, one you can feel proud of... I know what you mean about the weather though..I had a real hard time getting to the gym this week with the temp at -26C and all this snowfall I had plenty of excuses but I did manage to get in 3 workouts which is better than none! Here is wishing you an awesome 3rd week!

    Also wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your daily posts!

  5. great job! I haven't worked out my rewards yet, but I know that they are going to be little things that are totally for me! good luck with your journey!

  6. Cheering you on here! Perhaps some little rewards might help with the motivation? Sounds like you are due one!

  7. Hang in there! I think some little setbacks are at times inevitable. It's what we do with them that really matters. Good for you for not letting a little setback turn into a big one!

  8. Thank you for directing us to your Healthy Living posts! My posts are all listed under "Wellness Journey".
    You can do it!!


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