Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creative Life Follow-Up

I had a request to see some of the individual pages in my Permission to Live a Creative Life mini-album, so thought I would do a quick follow-up post with some of the pages and a few more thoughts on the self-paced class at BPC.

There were two components of the class, both of which I really enjoyed. The first is Courtney Walsh's thoughts on how important it is to give ourselves permission to create. Her thoughts and prompts for journaling throughout the mini-album are excellent and really encourage you to think about how you view your creative time. The second component was the mini-album itself and the easy to follow step-by-step instructions for each page. There were several ideas for pages that I've not used in a mini-album before, like using an envelope for a page or using the plastic sticker packaging as a pocket on a page. Here's a look at some of the individual pages in my album.

Creativity quotes & envelope as a page to hold creative prompts.

Pocket page for more creativity quotes & clear packaging to create pocket for dreams.

Quote page (which is covering a page of journaling beneath) and things to do when my creativity has stalled page.

Promises to myself page (promises listed under cover of patterned paper) and final page with quote.
I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who feels guilty for taking time to be creative. The prompts for journaling and the fun mini-album are well worth the $10 price tag for the class.


  1. Well I'm happy you showed all the pages, when I saw the first post I thought, oh I would love to see what they look like :). Your creativeness shines through from your sketch challenges to your sister's quilting group color challenge and through to the LOM challenges! I always enjoy seeing what you are up to next.

  2. Wow, for $10 this class seems to be a real bargain! Great little mini album, looks like you had fun with it!

  3. Thanks for this. I'll be adding this class to my "to do" list! :)


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