Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paige & Laurie

When my twin nieces were born, they were early and had to stay in the NICU for several weeks. Unfortunately for me, the NICU only allowed parents and grandparents in to visit and hold the babies. That first week or so was torture for me, until Mama called to say that she had talked one of the evening nurses into letting me and Robbie came for a visit. We left as soon as I got off work on a Friday and drove the two hour trip to spend an hour meeting my precious new nieces - Paige & Laurie. Here's a digital layout I created last year about our meeting.

Now those babies are beautiful six years old with distinct personalities and contagious smiles.


  1. I've been seeing the nasty Texas weather on TV, glad you are safe and warm! Lovely digi layout, I bet you can't believe they are six already!

  2. You are a wonderful loving auntie - your affection and love for these two just shines from your post :)

  3. Your nieces are gorgeous, just like their aunt! What a great layout :)


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