Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confession of Failure

Today is confession day. I have to confess that I blew my goal of not purchasing any new scrapbook supplies or online classes for six months. Ok, I guess that's really two goals - one for the supplies, one for the classes. Actually I don't think it was a complete failure since I did make it seven weeks without any purchases!

It all started at the McKinney Trade Days last Saturday. I mentioned to Robbie that it would be fun to find an old hymnal that I could pull pages out of and use on scrapbook pages about my faith. Right away, he found one for a mere 50 cents! At another booth, I noticed a cute chipboard Stampin' Up mini-album and was able to pick it up for only $3.

And then, since I'd already blown it, I figured it wouldn't hurt to stop at Scrappin' Bunnies, our local scrapbooking store, on the way home. I limited myself to one $20 bill and was able to pick up several new supplies.

And next came the new online classes I signed up for yesterday at Big Picture Classes. First, Karen Grunberg's Finding Your Way Workshop which starts today. I really enjoyed Karen's free class and am intrigued to see where this 8-week workshop takes me. It is designed to help us find our own unique scrapbooking style. And while I was already in the process of purchasing a new class, I figured I might as well go ahead and sign up for Stacy Julian's two-week workshop called i.scrap. This workshop is an introspective look back at 2010. Since last was a year of change and healing and new found scrapbooking mojo, I am really looking forward to creating the 8x8 album in this workshop that starts next week. (On a positive note, I did find a coupon code that saved $5 off my purchase and I now have a $10 reward credit that I can use toward a future class.)

There's still time to sign up for these two workshops. If you're not already a member of BPC, please click this link to create an account: This link takes you to the page to create an account and also tells BPC that I recommended them to you. Once you purchase a class, you and I both will receive a 10% coupon off a future purchase! If you're not ready to purchase a class, I highly recommend that you create an account and sign up for one of the free self-paced classes and give them a try. My favorite free class is Start Here With Stacy.

Well, that's it for me - anyone else need to confess that they've missed the mark on one of their goals for this year?


  1. Well, I guess I could come clean about the set of four chipboard alphabets I picked up at Tuesday Mornings yesterday. I think it was my second small indiscretion of the new year. I don't dare actually step foot into a craft store. Doing LOAD has only reinforced that I have way too many supplies - but I keep plugging away at them. I'm finding it hard not to think about the next class I might want to take, though.

  2. You lasted seven weeks? That is an achievement! I can barely go two weeks before I NEED something.I just signed up for these two classes too, at the last minute. I know Karen's started today - I need to go check it out. Still pulling photos and page kits for Stacy's though, but I'll be ready for next week. :)

  3. Congratulations on making for seven weeks! I feel like I have not gone 7 days without shopping and it must stop! I have a lovely new stash to create with that should last me a nice long time. So glad to see you Karen's class. I think this is going to be a great class!

  4. Seven weeks is pretty good going! I'm so glad to see you in Karen's class - I think it's going to be great too :)

  5. seven weeks is great without shopping! I went to my LSS yesterday to buy white cardstock and a budget of $50... I walked out having spent $55, and have some new papers to play with in both those classes!

  6. 7 whole weeks is an accomplishment!! Your hymnal pages are going to look great with your layouts. I bought some music books at the thrift store and I'm learning to look for things in places I wouldn't normally. I took Karen's Book of Stories (don't remember if you were in the class) and I loved it. She really has a way of making you think about things.


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