Saturday, February 26, 2011

More February Reds

A few more red layouts as February is quickly coming to a close. I'm enjoying playing along with Brenda as she sews and quilts her red fabric scraps (her red and white lap quilt is gorgeous) and I cut and adhere my red paper scraps (check out my first red layouts earlier this month here). I am hoping to complete a layout a day for the next 20 or 30 days as one of the suggestions by Karen Grunberg in the Finding Your Way workshop, so here are the first two using some of my red supplies.

Finding Your Way Layout # 1 - Inspiration from Karen Grunberg's "The Unworn Hat" layout from the Embrace Imperfection Workshop. I used my red tag from Nic Howard's Color! Or is it Colour? Workshop as an embellishment.

Journaling reads: I've never really been one to wear hats even though Robbie says I'm a "hat girl" whenever I put one on. I picked up this hat one very hot sunny day at Canton Trade Days a few years ago, and each year I enjoy it a little more than the last. (February 2011)

Finding Your Way Layout #2 - Inspiration from the photos of Robbie holding his homemade Jericho or Bust sign. Used up some red scraps and letter stickers for this one.

Journaling reads: Robbie had planned this fun photo from the moment we decided to drive through Kansas on our way home from Banff. Just a little reminder that we miss the Jericho TV series. Aug. 2010


  1. You two certainly do seem to have a lot of fun together :) I'm loving that red too, and it certainly looks to me as if you suit a hat!

  2. Love how you are combining classes and using your red on these great layouts!

  3. Love both of these layouts. I'm enjoying Karen's class and actually got two layouts done this week. I laughed when I saw the Kansas sign. I lived in Kansas when I was small, and just a few years ago was able to visit the town where I lived.


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