Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so I did

I still have a few photos in my early 2008 storage binder, and I pulled one of those out today that I wanted to use on a connections layout. I knew I wanted to pair the photo with one from 2005, so I pulled my cold storage box and flipped through until I found the one I wanted. I decided to use this week's Sketchy Thursday's sketch as inspiration for a layout.

I didn't realize until I pulled both photos that Natashia was wearing pink in both, so I went with that as my main color using a little green as an accent. I moved things around just a little because I wanted to include a journaling box.

Journaling reads: Summer 2005 - Brenda called to say I needed to teach Pun'kin to ride her bike without training wheels during her summer visit, so I did! Summer 2008 - Brenda called when she was on her way to meet me for Pun'kin's summer visit to say they had forgotten to load her bike. However, when I got to the meeting place, they had a surprise for me. They had stopped along the way and bought Pun'kin a new bike, with 18 speeds! Brenda figured since I always teach the kids to ride their bikes, I might as well teach Pun'kin how to shift the gears and use the hand brakes on her new bike, so I did!

I can hardly wait until this summer because I will be teaching the twins to ride their bikes without training wheels. After that I anticipate doing a connections layout with several of my bike riding teaching sessions, starting with my first "pupil" (my nephew Trey) back in the early nineties. Not too bad, twenty plus years and I can still run up and down the street holding the bike upright! :>)


  1. it is cool to see you making such good use of the LOM system. After repeatedly taking the class, my "system" is still in the developmental stages!

  2. Loveeeeeeeee this!!! Awesome color combo! Thanks soooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Nice story; great layout. I like that sketch from ST too, I'll be playing with it soon.

  4. This is a GREAT story - I love it! And I'm in awe of your patience: teaching bike riding takes a lot :)

  5. Oh, how lovely :-) The Doctor taught both our two to ride bikes, because of my bad back - but it gave me the chance to take lots of photos at least!


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