Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where's the Broiler?

Since I was not feeling well yesterday, my dear sweet Robbie brought me this wonderful breakfast in bed this morning. What a wonderful way to start the day!
This week's challenge in the LOM Community was to think of a story I've been wanting to tell, type it up and find photos to go with it. I had printed photos to go with a hilarious cooking story about Robbie from our Banff Road trip this past summer and decided it was time to get that story and those photos scrapped.


On our third night in Banff, Robbie decided to make steak, baked potato, and salad for supper. He washed and prepared the potatoes and started them cooking in the microwave.

Then he seasoned the steaks and put them on the broiler pan. He opened the bottom drawer of the stove and put the steaks in to broil. He then set about washing, cutting and preparing the salads, timing everything to be ready at the same time.

I was busy at the table, when I heard Robbie open the “broiler” drawer and say “OH NO!” I looked and there he stood with the raw steaks sitting on the broiler pan which was in the storage drawer of the electric stove!

You see, at home, we have a gas stove, and the broiler is below the oven. However, at the Douglas Fir Resort, there are electric stoves, and the broiler is in the oven. We both laughed and laughed as Robbie shifted the steaks to the oven and said, “I wondered why they had all those cookie sheets and pans stored in the broiler.” We laughed even harder and continued chuckling throughout that delicious meal.

When I told this story to Mama a few days later, she jokingly said even without all that schooling and college Robbie had, she was still smarter than him because at least she knew where the broiler was on an electric stove. When I had the photos developed, I laughed again at the memory because Robbie is wearing his T-shirt of the college where he’s currently taking his master’s level classes.

We have told this story so many times since returning from our trip that Robbie thought I'd already scrapped it and shared it on my blog! The story is even funnier for those who know that Robbie and I both love to cook (and are pretty good at it most of the time!). Do you have any funny cooking stories - do tell!


  1. Great story! It reminds me of the time when a friend of mine tried to boil potatoes for the first time - without any water in the pan!

  2. awww your hubby is so sweet! Remind me to marry a man who will bring me breakfast in bed :)

    Love the layout & the story too!

  3. What a lovely breakfast - and a great story and layout :-)

  4. What a great story! That will be a fun one to look back on. If my husband brought me that for breakfast in bed, I might be tempted to feel bad more often! ; )

  5. That is a great story Melissa, one you will never forget! Your breakie looks delish :)

  6. I love to see real life documented like this! What a very prettily laid tray too. Robbie is clearly a gem!


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