Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Reviews

Sarah Palin America by Heart book cover.jpg

Sarah Palin's second book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, included her views on America and the fact that, while our new administration continues to stress change is needed, she believes a return to the beliefs of our founding fathers is necessary to maintain the greatness of America. She stresses American exceptionalism and encourges everyone to read through our Constitution & Declaration of Independence. I enjoyed the book as it is written in the no nonsense style that Sarah Palin is known for in her speaking and writing. I also like that she is pro-America, pro-family, pro-life, and pro-God.

Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickam, Jr. was this month's Noontime Pageturners book club read. This non-fiction book is the author's memoir of life in a West Virginia coal mining town in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and think it has appeal for many different readers because it covered life in a small town, family life, coal mining families, the political climate of the times, and most importantly the beginning of the space race. Homer and his friends decide to build rockets so they can go to Cape Canaveral and help America in the quest to prove that Russians are not smarter than Americans. It's a well-written memoir that reads like fiction.

While we were strolling through our local Borders bookstore a few weeks ago, I noticed a young author at the book signing table. The author was sixteen-year-old Taylor Joseph who was promoting her third book, Allison Investigates. I love the idea of encouraging young people to read and write, so, of course, I had to buy a signed book. I knew I would probably send this one on to Natashia after reading it, and Taylor signed it with her in mind.

This is a young adult book about four high school students who take it upon themselves to investigate some recent car thefts in their neighborhood. I enjoyed the book and thought it was well written. Near the end of the book, the teenagers get themselves into a very dangerous situation. While it was clear that the situation was dangerous, I don't think the consequences (or lack thereof) fit the severity of the incident. Otherwise I thought it a good read and have passed it on to Natashia. She called a few days ago to say the book had arrived, so I'm hoping she'll share her opinion of it once she's had time to read it.

I'm in the process of reading four books right now (listed in my side bar), but should be finishing a couple of those up this week. I hope you are enjoying a good book (or two or three) this weekend.


  1. I love your book reviews and will be keeping an eye out for these. I can see you'd have written a different ending for those wayward teenagers!

  2. Wow, imagine being composed enough to get out into the world and promote your book at that age! I always enjoy your book reviews too.

  3. Nice variety of reads here Melissa!I have been trying to get back into reading and just started "Pillars of the Earth"... it's long but very good!


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