Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i.scrap 8x8 Album

The i.scrap workshop with Stacy Julian at BPC is only a two-week class, however I am amazed at how meaningful the project is already and that I have 20 pages of an 8x8 mini-album assembled and waiting for journaling! The album is designed to be an introspective look at 2010, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow when we will receive the second week's assignment.

The pre-class assignment for the class was to complete nine "I" statements provided by Stacy, then pull a photo from 2010 to go with each photo. We then assembled a page kit for each photo consisting of a sheet of cardstock, a sheet of patterned paper, a small length of ribbon, and five embellishments. Here are the photos and papers I chose to start the process.

And here are the piles with the ribbon and embellishments added, plus an 8x8 photo which we were instructed to add to our supplies.

The first week's assignment was to assemble the pages for our album - 1 title page, 9 photo pages & 9 journal pages. I purchased a cute Paper Studio album to use for this project, so the 10 white sheets that came with it are being used for my journaling pages. I worked on this project in a batch fashion, first cutting my cardstock to 8x8, then cutting the strips from my patterned paper, and lining them all up on the floor ready to assemble.

I then constructed each double page spread. The left side is the photo page and the right side is the journaling page. I changed a few things from Stacy's original directions. For example, she suggested using acrylic paint to stamp a large journaling space on the journal pages. Since I do not own a large journal stamp, I pulled pages from a journal that I had on hand and adhered those in for my journaling space. Here's a look at one of the two page layouts.

Although Stacy's layouts (and many others) vary from one layout to the next, I used some format for mine. I used a 2" strip of the patterned paper on the left side and a 1/2" strip on the right side. I placed my ribbon along the left side of my photo and the strip of my "happy color" cardstock (yellow, of course) along the bottom of each photo. The strip of cardstock helps tie all the pages together. Stacy also suggested painting around the edges of all our layouts with our happy color, however I chose not to do that step for two reasons. First, I've tried painting on layouts and didn't really enjoy it, and, second, I loved the look of my pages without that addition. I am considering adding a thin strip of my happy color cardstock next to the strip of patterned paper on the journaling page, but I'll wait until this week's assignment before doing anything else.

Here's a look at my photo pages and the I statements for each. 

I was hurting, unsure, sad and in need of healing when 2010 began.

I went on road trips from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian Rockies.

I once scrapped chronologically, but now I scrap inspirationally.

I am happy and at peace.

I know family get-togethers take a lot of work and often cause stress, but they are so worth it!
I love Robbie.

I believe God has a plan for our life.

I wonder what lies ahead.

I will enjoy life.

Title Page

I am so glad I decided to break my goal of no new classes and sign up for this workshop. I am already enjoying this introspective look back at 2010 . . . and we haven't even gotten to the journaling yet!


  1. I love the album you've created! I have to admit, I signed up, because I love Stacy, but I'm so busy (and stressed with some family stuff) that I haven't even looked through my photos yet.

  2. These pages are just bursting with positivity - it's pretty obvious that you have been very much inspired by this class. So I'm glad too that you broke your no new classes rule. It looks like it was worth it!

  3. I love your layouts! I was also loving how quickly it all came together. I love that you added your own spin and created them exactly like you wanted to. I haven't taken photos of mine yet, but I will work on that this weekend. Thanks for sharing your pages!

  4. Love seeing what you have done so far! This looks like it will be a great mini album!

  5. This is SUCH a fantastic album! I love all the pages. I'm headed out to a scrapbook store with a friend this evening & look forward to scrapbooking tonight! You've definitely inspired me. :)

  6. What a fabulous job you have done here, I can tell you are really enjoying this class as it shows in your pages. Beautiful!


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