Monday, March 7, 2011

Journey of a Scrapbook Layout

It used to be that when I completed a layout, I would immediately put it into a scrapbook which sat on a shelf. However, I realized that after putting the work into creating a layout and telling a story, I wasn't really getting to enjoy it for very long before it found its way onto the memory shelf. So, I devised a new plan. Here's the journey a new layout takes before finally landing in its final album.

Once a layout is complete, I display it on this bulletin board right above our launch pad. This display is in the kitchen/breakfast nook area which is also open to the living room, so we see and enjoy these layouts everyday.

The layout then moves to my "What's New" album. This album houses all my recently created layouts.
I continue to add layouts until the "What's New" album is filled.

Then I take a day to empty the "What's New" album by separating all the layouts into categories. These piles correlate to my LOM category albums.
Each layout is then placed in the appropriate album - Robbie & Melissa (All About Us), Family & Friends, Days We Celebrate, Places We've Been, Activities We Enjoy, Things That Matter.

These albums are then returned to their spot on the memory shelf.

I am really enjoying this new system which allows me to enjoy my layouts several times. First, when I see it on the display board. Second, when I move it into the "What's New" album. Third, when I sort it into categories. And finally, when I place it in the appropriate LOM album.

This system also allows me to share my new layouts with family and friends who stop by without them having to look through every scrapbook on the shelf!

Do you have a system for displaying and sharing your newly completed layouts?


  1. I don't have a system, but I sure like yours! Starring this post for future scraplifting!

  2. I had never thought of having layouts on display until this post... thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a cool post Melissa! I usually prop up my latest layouts on my desk for a while before piling them up. Er, I mean putting them in albums!

  4. I put my newer layouts on display, but don't have a What's New album. I should think about that. Great post!

  5. Great post Melissa. I hadn't thought of having a What's New album. I really like that. Right now it's just me, but someday (fingers crossed) I hope I'll have a family and in-laws and it would be nice to have a place they can flip through new stuff. I'll put this on the list of things to do! :)

  6. That's a great system, really organised :-) I tend to leave my latest layouts lying around for a few days so I can admire them and make sure my husband admires them too, then I put them in a box on a shelf for a while, then I remember them again and file them away properly in whichever album has a page protector free.... I need your system!!

  7. I LOVE this system! I need to set up something like this!


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