Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Musings - The Feast of Purim

This past week was the last meeting for the Bible Study I was leading on the book of Esther. After two years of not teaching or leading, I have to admit that I truly enjoyed getting back into studying, preparing, and teaching each week.

We concluded the last session of our study by reviewing (and implementing) four parts of the Feast of Purim.
1. Feasting - we went to eat at Cheesecake Factory after the meeting!
2. Joy - we acknowledged the joy of the Lord in our lives.
3. Presents - I presented each of the ladies with a bookmark.
4. Gifts to the Poor - we collected funds to buy Bibles for women in villages in Kenya, Africa.

My goal each week was to take the material we studied and apply it to our lives by asking the ladies to ponder a question. I've listed the four questions we've been considering below. I hope you'll take a moment to ponder them today also.

1. Are we so assimilated into our culture that others won't recognize us as Christians?
2. Are we in our current "place" for such a time as this?
3. Is God asking us to trust Him and step out in faith?
4. Are we allowing one bad/negative/frustrating thing in our lives to overshadow all the good things?


  1. wonderful questions. I'll bet the ladies loved their bookmarks. Esther, what an amazing woman! Like you...

  2. Challenging questions, but well worth giving some thought to. Thank you xx


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!