Friday, April 22, 2011

Healthy Living Weekly Post: The Good Life (book review part 1)

The Good Life by Ruth McGinnis is one of my favorite books about healthy living because it stress a naturally healthy lifestyle focused on physical, emotional and spiritual health. It also happens to be one of those books where the typography creates a calm pleasant feeling. Each chapter begins with a one page illustration, and some years ago I sat down and colored those illustrations just for fun. I first read this book in 2003 and have re-read it a few times for motivation in my quest for healthy living.

Chapter one is the story about Ruth McGinnis's grandparents who lived on a farm and enjoyed a naturally healthy lifestyle. They "rose early, worked hard, ate fresh, unprocessed foods, and got plenty of sleep . . . and honored Sunday as a day of rest." Our lifestyle today is filled with modern conveniences that keep us from reaping the benefits of the type of lifestyle her grandparents enjoyed. Chapter two stresses that our primary motivation for changing our lifestyle should be health and the ability to live a long and illness free life rather than to fit into a smaller size dress or look like a supermodel. A disciplined healthy lifestyle is one where we are "choosing activity over laziness, eating a prudent diet, and committing to emotional and spiritual growth." I totally agree with this idea of choosing a naturally healthy lifestyle. I am just beginning chapter three which deals with exercise and adding physical activity as a way of life rather than a 30 minute session each day.

Here's how I did on my goals for this week:
*Ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes at least four times.
I only rode the bike three times.
*Complete a 30 minute strength training routine at least once.
I completed my routine two times.
*Begin re-reading a book on healthy living. (The Good Life)
*Drink no more than one 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola a day.
UGH - I drank at least two cokes every day.
*Try at least one new light recipe. X

My Goals for the Coming Week
*Ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes at least four times.
*Complete a 30 minute strength training routine at least twice.
*Drink at least 48 ounces of water each day.
*Continue reading a book on healthy living. (The Good Life)
*Try at least one new light recipe.

Next week I'll continue my book review of The Good Life. Hope each of you has a healthy week!


  1. I gave up coke for lent, and really battled initially but once I got into it it was fine. Good luck for your week.

  2. At least you made a start on your goals..well done for what you DID achieve! Thanks for commenting on my blogpost and LO size
    Alison xx

  3. don't give up on the coke yet! You know it is empty, nutritionless calories and about the farthest thing from healthy. I used to drink the equivalent of three to four cans a day. I now have it (a single can) maybe once a month (or less). Unfortunately I still LOVE the stuff, but now it is a treat when I go to a crop or am in all-day meetings and need a pick-me-up. And if I can give it up, I'm pretty much convinced anyone can!

  4. I think you are doing very well Melissa with your Healthy Living, the coke is just one thing... everything will eventually fall into place! I am planning on getting back to the gym after Easter, your post today is good motivation!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    I decided to change my focus to drinking more water this week, but my aim is the same – drink less coke. When I have a bottle of water on my desk, I don’t need a can of coke, too, so I’m trying a psychological twist in the wording of my goal! :>) This way I’m focusing on the positive goal of drinking water rather than the negative goal of drinking less coke. [Who knows, it just might work! LOL]

  6. It's good to make small changes frequently rather than lots at once, there is more chancebof them working then....sounds like you are doing a great job :)

  7. That book sounds very interesting; will have to see if my library has it! Good job on setting and working on goals!


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