Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pass the Book - Guest Post

Today I'd like to welcome my Pun'kin 13-year-old niece Natashia as she shares her thoughts on the Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration.

As I was going through this book, I became very fascinated with the many different types of places where women like to work on whatever it is that they truly enjoy doing.  This book was inspirational to me in a way of organization.  I enjoy being involved in many community theatre productions, and I am always looking for a creative way to keep track of my notes without always having to carry my script around (while not wanting to just be carrying a bunch of loose papers either). Therefore, this week while I am visiting with my wonderful aunt and uncle, I asked my aunt if she would be willing to help me make a theatrical clip board for any and all my theatre purposes.  Here is a little sneak-peak of my clip board.

 The inspirational book of Where Women Create also made me start thinking about and noticing that there are so many very interesting ways to make and/or decorate different things from lamps to entire rooms - you can make everything you do fit your individual personality.  So all in all I was, quite interested in all the different places that women work.

Thanks Natashia for sharing your views on the book (and especially for that "wonderful aunt and uncle" comment!).
My sister Brenda is ready to pass this book on to the next reader. This is your LAST CHANCE to win this book as part of Sian's Pass the Book fun! Since this book has been traveling around the world for almost a year now, it is time for it to be returned to Sian. Click HERE to read all about the Pass the Book project and HERE to enter for a chance to enjoy this inspirational book.

I know many of you have enjoyed passing the book throughout this last year, and I'm excited to announce that I will be continuing this project beginning in August. Sian will send out her last book in July and I'm already previewing books to share starting in August, so be sure to check back regularly. If you've heard about a great inspirational book lately, please leave me a note about it below so I can add it to my preview list.


  1. Love the sneak peak of your clipboard, can't wit to see it Frioday.

  2. What an enjoyable guest post! Thanks Natashia for showing us your beautiful clipboard and for telling us how you enjoyed the book. I think you should ask your aunt if you can guest again sometime soon!

  3. Wonderful guest post! The clipboard looks beautiful. You are truly a wonderful Aunt.

  4. brilliant guest post! Lots of talent in your family Melissa. I am so glad you are taking on pass the book what great fun xxx

  5. How wonderful! A perfect first guest posting Natashia! Sounds like you are having loads of fun at your aunt/uncle's!! I would love another chance to win this book! Thanks Melissa!

  6. Great guest post Natashia...hope we're going to get to see the finished project! Enjoy the rest of your week with your lovely Aunt and Uncle
    Melissa..looking forward to seeing your choice of books!
    Alison xx

  7. That was a wonderful guest post Natashia, your aunt is a great resource for help on these types of things and I look forward to seeing more of your clipboard :)


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