Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September Review - October Preview

September Review
*21 Layouts - 1 was digital, 8 were two-pages, 3 were 8 1/2x11, 3 were 8x8, the rest were 12x12
*4 cards
*3 art journal pages
*2 pieces of Mail Art
*Blog Activities - Pass the Book:Year Two, Sian's Storytelling Sunday, FamilyX12 Blog Hop, Ten on the Tenth, Ginger's September Mail Art Exchange
*Online Classes - The Mother LOAD, Double Take, Learn Something New Every Day, Library of Memories Community

Throughout the month, I tracked my September 2011 Goals on the first layout I created last month. I have enjoyed having this little reminder of my goals, although I am disappointed that I lost focus about halfway through the month. Since I also kept up with reading Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day prompts throughout the month, I thought I'd share my observations on my goals.

1. I started out the month doing really well on all four goals.
2. Then the bathroom dust disaster happened and I lost focus on my exercise and limited Coca-Cola drinking. I'm one of those people that doesn't function as well in chaos, and that was the state of our home the last half of the month. The front room table was filled with folded clean clothes (I did about a gazillion loads of laundry over several days as everything in the master closet had to be cleaned), the floor in the front room was filled with dusty items from the bathroom cabinets & master bedroom, our bedroom was filled with all the remaining closet items once we decided to have the bathroom & closet repainted before putting everything back. The lesson here is that I need to work harder to maintain focus on my healthy living goals even amidst chaos.
3. I am quite pleased with my goal of maintaining a daily quiet time - I only missed four days this month. As I looked back at those days I realize I had a huge to-do list (cleaning, washing, etc) and jumped right into my list thinking I would stop later for a break and do my quiet time. Obviously this does not work for me - I must get it done in the morning, first thing!
4. While I did not complete a layout every day, I am very pleased with the number of layouts and other items I was able to create during September.

October Preview
*BPC Double Take workshop
*BPC Library of Memories Community
*BPC Giving Well Workshop
*I also have several BPC self-paced classes I'd like to work on this month as time allows
*Create cards for November & December
*Work on handmade Christmas gifts

How did y'all do on your September goals? What are your goals for October? Are you thinking about Christmas yet?


  1. I think that you've still managed to achieve so much this last month.

  2. You did great - so productive! I am just trying to keep my head above water right now...getting used to working full time again. I can't even contemplate the holidays yet! I have a feeling they will just sneek up on me.

  3. I think you accomplished a lot, but I totally understand losing focus amid chaos. My exercise and healthy eating are usually the first casualties when things get hectic. We just gotta shake it off and get back on track! I am thinking about Christmas, but that's about as far as it goes.

  4. Looks like you got a lot done! I don't do well in chaos either, but at least we acknowledge that and try to do better. I accomplished my September goals and just finished blogging everyday for 30 straight days. Enjoyed it, but not something I want to keep doing. For October, I would like to do a post like this one, a month in review. What kind of handmade gifts are you working on?

  5. It looks to me like you still achieved a lot!

    I just started thinking about Christmas today, with a couple of impulse gift purchases when I was at the shops this morning

  6. You still did pretty darn good!!! Stress makes me eat too :(
    I have started work on a mini album for Kirsty, as part of her Christmas and have a few little things put away, but that's the sum of it so far!
    Alison xx

  7. I love how you used a setback as an opportunity to reflect and learn, and not as an excuse to abandon all your hard work :) As Sian says, I see a lot of achievements on that list, too!


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