Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Musing

Have you missed me? It's been very busy around here - all good stuff, but very busy. I thought I'd catch y'all up on what's happening around here and what you can expect to see on my blog in the coming days.

1. Teaching two Bible study sessions a week keeps me on my toes. There are a total of 25 ladies in the sessions, and I maintain weekly contact with them through emails and phone calls in between our meetings. We are having a great time studying the books of I, II, & III John.

2. This weekend our church held its annual Ladies' Retreat. As I am on our Ladies' Ministry Leadership Team, I was involved in the entire planning process and spent the week preparing some last minute items (preparing name badges, assembling craft bags, gathering a few decorations, packaging small gifts) and during the two day retreat I was extremely busy. I was privileged to help set up, to man the registration table, to be a prayer partner, to assist the other leaders during their sessions, to place items for each session on the tables, etc, etc . . . and to help clean up!

The retreat was a Wonder Full World, so each session centered around a continent. I was the speaker for the Asia session, so I wore an outfit that a friend had brought me from India a few years ago. The session focused on how we matter to God and how he is always with us, even in the largest crowds like those in Asia.

3. Robbie and I were excited to attend a Texas Rangers game during the playoff series with Tampa Bay a few weeks ago, and we have been enjoying watching this past week's games on TV as they secured a spot in the World Series!

4. This week we will be having the new glass frameless shower enclosure installed in the master bathroom, so I'll be sharing the before & after renovation photos soon.

5. I've got a few more layouts planned with sketches from the BPC Double Take workshop and hope to share those with you in the coming week.

6. I'll also be sharing about two new classes starting this week - Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party and the BPC Giving Well workshop.

7. Next weekend I'll be passing a new book filled with lots of scrapbooking inspiration! (Check out all the information about Pass the Book:Year Two here.)

I can hardly believe that October is already halfway gone . . . and we are only 70 days away from Christmas! I have decided to make several of my gifts this year, so I better get started on those soon. 

As soon as I've published this post, I'm off for a nice long browse through blogland as I haven't had much time to catch up on what y'all are doing lately. I'll be around to see you soon. 


  1. I had been wondering what you were getting up to - might have known you were busy helping out. You give a lot Melissa :)

    (And I love your outfit)

  2. Your church is blessed to have you as such an active member. I love your beautiful outfit. Looking forward to the Pretty Paper posts.

  3. Love how you framed that first photo Melissa - almost looks like it was taken in a mirror! And kudos to you for being busy in such a positive way!

  4. I've missed you, but know you have lots of fun things going on in your life! I can't believe October is almost over. Today and tomorrow I've kept totally free to work on PL and get my hard copy up to date with my blog.

  5. What a busy lady you've been Melissa. I admire your passion for Christ and your Church.

  6. You truly are a marvel, Melissa...I knew that whatever was keeping you away you wouldn't be sitting around twiddling your thumbs! Blogger has been being silly again and this post didn't show up on my 'reader' until today!
    Alison xx

  7. Goodness me - you have been busy! And so much of it is serving others, good for you xx

  8. Hi Melissa :) I'm having a hard time keeping up to my blog reading for some reason these days, but I did read this post when you posted it and thought, yes where has Melissa been? :) I also remember thinking I liked the frames you used on the photos. You certainly have been keeping your self busy! Love the black dress and go Rangers!


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