Monday, December 5, 2011

December FamilyX12 Blog Hop

Welcome to the FamilyX12 Blog Hop! There are only a few of us this month as it is such a busy time of year, however I'm so glad I've participated this year and made sure I got a family photo each month. Today I'm sharing my favorite photo from November as well as a photo for December.

My November photo shows us participating in one of our favorite Thanksgiving & Christmas Day traditions - indulging in a piece of pie at 10 am. As you can see, we actually each enjoyed two small slices of pie this year, pumpkin and pecan!

And here's our December photo from one of the Christmas events we attended this past weekend.

I decided to use my twelve photos for 2011 to create a digital page that I'll use as the 2011 yearly overview page in my chronological scrapbook.

(Digital template from Brenda Wilson [] Digital paper from LivEDesigns [])

You're off next to visit Monica. Here's the complete list:

A special thanks to Margie for organizing this hop each month this year! I know there were several months that I would not have gotten a photo of us together if it hadn't been for the focus of the FamilyX12 challenge.


  1. I love your layout! All of the photos look fantastic together. Love it! Thanks so much for participating through the end of the year. I hope to keep going next year and hope you'll play along too. Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Well done for keeping up with this lovely challenge - if it runs again next year I think I'll join in too and include whichever of the children happen to be around during the month!

    Lovely to have a page with your overview of the year too!

  3. What a great tradition ;) Ya'll look so festive and beautiful in the Dec photo. Congrats on seeing it through all 12 months!

  4. Great photos again - I have yet to try pumpkin pie - and I love hubbys festive tie in the second photo.

  5. Wonderful photos! I love the page with all the photos. I don't have 12 yet but look forward to seeing them all together. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  6. Lovely to see you and Robbie Melissa! I love your final collage, fabulous:)

  7. Great collage, and what a festive Christmas photo!

  8. I love your Christmassy outfits! And how lovely that you have made time for a family photo every month. Love that!

  9. Great collage..and love how festive the Dec pic is!
    Alison xx

  10. Very cool to see all the photos from the entire year! Way to go for keeping up with the challenge. I LOVE your pie at 10 AM tradition. My Grandmother would have been all over that one! She loved dessert morning, noon and night! :)


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