Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shimelle's Fourth Challenge

I knew exactly which photos I wanted to use when I read that Shimelle's fourth challenge for this Scrapbooking Weekend was to scrap with grey, yellow and one other colour of your choice. I like to pull colors from my photos when creating layouts, so I held my breath as I thumbed through my storage binders to find these three photos from different times. I remembered that one of them had pink, so I planned to use that as my other color. I was relieved to find a little bit of yellow in both of the other two photos, plus some gray in one.

Journaling reads: When we decided to include the teenage girls in our ladies' ministry mentoring fun, I knew I would volunteer to be matched with a teen. What I didn't realize is how much fun it would be to hang out with these beautiful Christian young ladies.


  1. The colours work really well with the pics, Melissa!
    Alison xx

  2. What a wonderful ministry you ladies have!! I could have used a mentor when I was that age. :-) I love the colors you used--very happy!


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