Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April - Our Month in Numbers

(Digital template from Simple Scrapper. Papers from Cheryl McCain's Tea Party Sampler.)

2 broken bones (ulna & radius) when Daddy fell off the A-box onto the cement floor of his shop

12 tornadoes touched down in the DFW area in one day & 6 hours of watching the Weather Channel

10 people around the table enjoying a 10 pound ham & all the trimmings on Easter weekend

1 Risen Savior celebrated

12 packages received in one day by Robbie after a little eBay shopping spree

59 miles drive to enjoy an afternoon at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texohma

$200 donated to Don & Becky's new ministry - Burning Plow Ministries

6 impartations needed to be a healthy child of God described by Beth Moore at Pink Impact 2012

24 layouts completed, 1 card created, 20 blog posts published


  1. How do you manage to keep track of your monthly numbers? I am so impressed but baffled how you keep with all these things! I love that you also live in the DFW area as I'm in Garland.

    Love your blog!!!

  2. What a lovely bright and happy layout. Goodness I hope those broken bones are on the mend

  3. You really rocked the layouts in April! This is the first month I didn't make (and exceed) my Twelve, but will be making up for it in May - I'm in LOAD again!

  4. I love your month in numbers. Such a great idea. 24 layouts! You are rolling. Great job.

  5. 10 people round the table for a 10lb ham sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate Easter!

  6. great numbers Melissa (except maybe for the tornadoes!)
    Alison xx

  7. I need you to come inspire me to actually do layouts this summer! hope your dad is mending well :) How was Pink Impact?

  8. Wow, you had quite an eventful month! Hope your Dad is doing okay.

  9. My oh my, what a busy month. I learned all about what you were up to and a new word "impartations" as well. I off to look it up.

  10. That's quite an exciting (not necessarily in a good way) month! Hope your dad is recovering well.


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