Monday, June 25, 2012

June's Twelve Photos - IKEA

This past weekend we needed to make a trip to Ikea. I'm not really a big shopper, so I decided to add a little interest to the visit by taking along the Twelve Photos prompts for June to see if I could snap photos for each of the prompts. It was a fun challenge as we navigated the store, checked out the item I wanted to see before buying, loaded our cart, and headed home with "something prized."

1. Grass
2. Sky

3. Feet
4. Hair
5. A ball
6. Clever
7. Laundry

8. Looking in a mirror

9. Something turquoise

10. Something prized
11. Music
12. Silly

We'll be putting together our purchase this evening, and I'll be sharing all about it in an upcoming post. This is only the third time we've been to Ikea (because I only shop when I plan to buy something), but I have to admit that there were lots of other items that I just might "need" in the future! Do you have an Ikea store near you?


  1. Our nearest Ikea is over an hour away. But it is definitely a place to find inspiration!

  2. I love the zipper themed bed, that is just to cool!
    Natashia (Pun'kin)

  3. woohoo... did you get it in red? can't wait to see....

  4. Great takes on the prompts! Our nearest IKEA is several hours away near Toronto.

  5. Well done with the photos Melissa! The bookcase looks lovely :)

  6. Great job on finding your 12 and I can't wait to see the bookcase in your studio! The closest IKEA is 3 hrs from here and I have never been.

  7. great fun idea and love what you found.

    There is an IKEA in town and I love it

  8. Ha! I love this idea!

    We have an IKEA in town now, and we all love a trip. But years ago to get to one we had to take a ferry and then drive for about four hours. We used to hire a trailer to hook on the back of the car and fill with things for ourselves and friends

  9. We have an IKEA about an hour away, but I've been there several times. Most of my office and the "library" is made with IKEA furniture. I just love that place.

    Love how you did your prompts in the store and looking forward to seeing what you do with your bookcase.

  10. I am not at all surprised that you wee able to find photos for all the prompts at IKEA. Great photos! That will be a fun layout! :) The IKEA in Orlando opened 3 months after I moved to Nashville. My house in Nashville could have used so much from IKEA but the closest store was Atlanta -- 4 hours away. I had to go without. Now I'm back in Orlando and I can't have much from IKEA because I already have too much furniture for this tiny place I am renting. Sigh. Once I have a house again though, IKEA and I will be tight! Can't wait to see and hear about what you purchased!

  11. Fab pics Melissa...our nearest Ikea is about two hours away- yes we have IKEA in Spain!
    Alison xx

  12. We do have an Ikea in the area, but I've never been there! I think my husband is afraid to take me. Great photos. I see my Tigers are playing the Rangers this week. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree for a few days. : )

  13. I have a lot of IKEA furniture and we were there the other week. Always find fun things. Was good seeing the bits that were the same and different. Never seen grass there :0)
    Enjoy your purchase x

  14. When we move we will have an Ikea only 10 mins away. Expect to be there a lot at least initially to get new stuff for the house.

  15. What fun pics! The nearest Ikea is about an 1 1/2 hrs away. My husband did get me some furniture there for holding my scrapbooks at Christmas...actually he had his sister get it because it was in the city she lives in but I've never been to one.

  16. Fab photos inside IKEA. I've been shopping there for about 30 years (first in Sweden itself, then Holland, Belgium and finally the UK!)
    I can never go in and not buy something, even if they haven't got what I went there for!

  17. Ok. Are you even serious?! This is such a FUN translation of the 12 photo prompts. I LOVE it.


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