Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Story Matters

Last week Lain Ehmann's Your Story Matters class provided seven prompts using "I" statements. Lain shared her layout and thought process for each of the prompts. I clicked on the prompts each day & quickly scanned the material, however I wasn't really inspired to complete any layouts because I'm in the middle of moving my scrapbooking supplies to the new craft room. On Friday as I was perusing blogland, I enjoyed Susanne's post showcasing some of the layouts she created for the class and decided to revisit the prompts. I ended up completing layouts for six of the prompts in two days!

The idea behind the class is to tell our story, so most of these layouts focus on me. I flipped through my storage binders looking for photos to go along with my ideas for the prompts and then pulled a few photos from my category drawers and cold storage. I had fun combining brand new products, old products from my stash (one item has been in my stash since before I married Robbie 10 1/2 years ago), and even some upcycled items.

I am a Bible Study teacher/leader/facilitator. Mostly I lead studies written by others, but I often add a little of my own creativity or share what the Lord has taught me. Photos 2004, 2011, 2012. Documented by Melissa - June 2012.

I Feel Like Scrappin'

I love to organize. I like to joke that I was born organized, but truly I don't know how to be any other way. I love having "a place for everything and everything in its place," but I'm most happy when I'm in the midst of an organizing project - creating that perfect place for everything!!

I believe in Santa Claus and celebrating and enjoying Christmas in all its splendor as long as we remember the true reason for the season. The definition of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and I believe our Savior enjoys seeing us remember His birth with gifts and celebrations and food and family. That's why to me, it'll always be about saying to everyone Merry Christmas! The joy of Christmas comes from Christ who was born the first Christmas morn.

I remember that the morning of this photo, I was not planning to attend the Chemax company Christmas dinner.
I remember that while I was doing my office manager job that day, I changed my mind.
I remember borrowing Sandra's prom dress.
I remember leaving work early for a last minute appointment for Kimmy to style my hair.
I remember Kimmy snapping this photo in the lobby of the hair salon.
I remember everyone being "wowed" when I walked into the country club for dinner.
I remember I loved big hair throughout the late 80s and early 90s.
I remember feeling beautiful.
December 1991

I see the Texas state flower. The drought was so severe in 2011 that we didn't see hardly any bluebonnets, but this year we had a very mild winter, early rains, and lots of sunshine, so they bloomed early and were plentiful throughout the state. 3-12

Were you able to spot the new supplies? the really old stash? the upcycled items?


  1. I loved reading about you Melissa, you looked gorgeous in that big-hair photo!

  2. I find it strange that we scrap other people, events, holidays, etc. but rarely do we scrap anything about ourselves. It's nice to see all the layouts dedicated to you.

  3. wonderful layouts & stories! Now get back in there & finish organizing your new room!

  4. Great job getting so many pages about you done.

  5. Way to go Melissa. I really enjoyed seeing all your pages - maybe I can get around to my "I feel" page now.

  6. Loved reading your journaling for these pages. They were great stories.

  7. Melissa these really are fantastic layouts. I am so happy to see that you found inspiration to do the prompts. I say that because I have felt quite the same way with the class. Although time has played a factor in me not completing the prompts I did manage to make one digi layout. You have given me some inspiration here and I will think about what I can work on this weekend :)

  8. Wow. th. Great LOsat was a productive sesion

  9. Love your scraobook pages Melissa. And YES the pockets will certainly work in scrapping. I only usually end up making a photo at the top of a page into a pocket so the contents is accessible from the top but recently started cutting into my page protectors to get at other tags too. Thanks for your comment - BJ


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!