Monday, July 23, 2012

Seussical Mini-Album

A couple of months ago, I went to see one of the teen girls that I mentor in a middle school production of the musical Seussical. I have to admit that I had never seen this musical and really didn't know what to expect, but it was a totally fun production and the students did a great job. I took photos and wanted to create a keepsake for the young lady I went to see, so I pulled out a small (5x5) pre-made mini-album to start with.

I added foam letters to the cover for a title, then covered each of the interior white pages with fun, colorful patterned papers.

I included part of the program on the first page.

And then added photos, a quote & strips of paper on each page to complete the album. Most of the photos include the cast, so I'm only sharing this one here that shows photos of the stage on the page on the left.

This was a quick, fun project to put together! Have you created any quick gift albums lately?


  1. This is cute! Those alphas you picked have a real Seuss feel about them.

    It's been a while..maybe I'll make something for my sister's birthday in September

  2. The colors and papers you've chosen are just perfect for the subject of the album! Love it! I haven't made a gift album in quite some time, but I may make one for my daughter after our week together in August.

  3. How nice of you to do that for the budding actress. It is a sweet reminder for her.

  4. She is going to love this, it's so cute and Seussical, even the cover is a perfect fit. I am thinking of making an engagement mini album for the Beats and SweetGirl.

  5. Sounds like a fun production! Great mini! I haven't made a mini in a long time but I'm itching to! :)

  6. I am putting my scavenger photos in a mini, but I haven't made a recent gift mini's. she will really love this!

  7. So cute..sure she'll love it!
    Alison xx


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