Friday, August 10, 2012

Color Bins - Ten on the Tenth

Those of you who have seen photos of my new craft room (or the old one, too, for that matter) might have noticed my Color Bins (inspired by Stacy Julian's system of sorting by color). I have most of my embellishments sorted into these bins by color, and today I thought I'd share a little bit about how I organize inside those bins along with a peek inside each of the ten bins. Honestly, the bins might not look organized at first glance.

However, I do have a system that basically divides the inside of the bin into four sections. In the front center of the bin, I have a small white basket that holds small embellishments - chipboard pieces, eyelets, die cuts, washi tape, etc.

Directly behind the basket I store rolls of ribbon.

On the right side of each bin, I have several ziploc bags containing pieces of ribbon, lace and fiber. There may also be a ball of yarn along this side with spools of thread and bottles of paint, mist, and glitter glue standing in between.

The left side of each bin holds an 81/2x11 page protector that houses larger pieces - chipboard, die cuts, journal boxes, photo frames, etc.

In front of the page protector on the left side I have unopened or partially used packages of embellishments such as stickers, rubons, and chipboard.

And then in front of those packages, I have 12" border pieces. Obviously this method of organization is not an exact art, but it does help me know right where to look if I want a particular type of embellishment.

I love the ways these bins allow me to see the variety of items I have in one color because I tend to scrap based on color. I pick two or three colors for my layout based on colors in the photo, then pull down those color bins & thumb through them looking for embellishments.

I do not keep my flowers, brads or buttons in these bins - I have those items stored in drawers on top of the shelf unit that holds the bins. I prefer having my flowers loose in a drawer so that I can rifle through them and come up with various color combinations; then it's simple to pull out the drawer of brads or buttons and find one that will work with that flower. 

The other items that I do not store in my bins are theme items (for example, holidays, seasons, celebrations) - these are mostly flat items, so I have them stored in divided page protectors in 3-ring binders that I can easily flip through to find something to work on a layout.

This system of organization has definitely improved my creativity, allowing me to find "hidden" embellishments that match a layout.

How do you sort and store your embellishments? Is it working for you? Or is time to try something new?

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  1. I have three baskets with all my embellishments in and a box with stickers etc, a bit messy but I don't have much room. Would love to have it organised like you!

  2. This is such a great way to store embellishments.....I do wish I had the room to store this way.

  3. I love your storage system, but like Jackie, just don't have the space -one day!!
    Alison xx

  4. Ooh that's different. I sort my embellies by type and then by colour, but I can see this as being a great way to use up forgotten things. Perhaps I'll try it during my next reorganisation? TFS

  5. I store by color as well, but given how much I do digi these days, my stash of physical embellishments is much smaller than yours. I use 4x6 plastic photo holders in a case. The types of embellies in each case include flowers, buttons, brads, the odd piece of chipboard, small bits of ribbon, etc. My ribbon is stored on an organization unit hanging on my wall and fibers are in embroidery floss organizers. I should probably add some of those to the plastic containers - keep forgetting I have them! My stickers, thicker letters, rub-ons, etc. are stored on a clip-it-up.

    Your way seems to keep a lot more of your choices together in one place!

  6. I organise by colour too - but I think I need to extend my system to something like this. It's very impressive!

  7. Fun to see your color bins! I have color bins too, though I don't use them for all of my embellishments. Just the solid color things that are easier to find this way. I have a similar sorting system with bins and bags. Great minds! :)

  8. Just looking at all the colors makes me want to create! Thank for sharing!

  9. I like how you organized by color. I have one of those 10 drawer cabinets. Every two drawers are the same color. I suppose I could easily organize by color, and one day I just might do that. '-))

  10. Hey Melissa, great bins I love colours. I guess you don't use much grey then - LOL. I have all my card pieces, scraps, patterned papers arranged in colour order too. My eyelet/brad organiser is a rainbow of colour as well. It all reminded me of teaching my son colours when he was a toddler. I'd collect all things related to one colour and leave them in the centre of the play room for him to find in the morning. Aww Thanks for the memories. BJ

  11. Ooh! So much yumminess. I really need to sort out my embelishments

  12. Gosh, this is serious stuff! I admire your organisational powers. The only thing I have organised according to colour, is my card and paer. Though goodness knows why since I use mostly white!

  13. I'm about to start organising my scrap room and I think this may work for me too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow, Melissa, that is cool. I like how you've subdivided each basket in the same way using different containers. How easy is it to put used items back exactly where they belong - that is the part that would trip me up.


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