Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Mail & Special Deliveries

Over the past several months, I've received several happy mail packages and other goodies that I haven't taken time to share. So today I'll do a little catch up!

It's been quite some time since Helena offered to share some of her extensive washi tape collection and sent me this lovely package. It's always so much fun to discover new scrapping supplies mixed in with the bills and advertisements that typically fill our mailbox!

A few weeks later, this great trading card arrived from Elizabeth after she had enjoyed the Trading Card Treasures book that is being passed around.

And way back in the summer, I received a birthday gift from my friend Ellyn. This package was hand delivered since we are friends in real life, however the gifts came all the way from London, England! Ellyn and her sweet husband celebrated their 25th anniversary in London a few weeks before my birthday and happened upon a shop with scrapbooking supplies. I'm so glad she couldn't resist picking up a package of these banner embellishments for me.

Ellyn also noticed the abundance of banners everywhere they went in London, so she picked up a banner for her sewing room and (lucky me!) picked up an extra one for me. I finally got it hung in my craft room last week, and every time I walk in it feels like I'm having a party!

Did you notice the tripod set up in my room? Well, I've been practicing and am just about ready to create my 2nd video where I'll share one of my completed albums. (Watch for that to come in the next few weeks along with more information about my album re-organization!)

Ellyn has a sweet daughter who called me the day after she got her driver's license to say she had made me something and could "drive it right over." She had handmade a Thank You card in my favorite color! And, of course, there's no reason for a new driver to use the postal service to deliver it, right?

And one more fun item was picked up for me in New York and delivered by another sweet teenage friend of mine who went on a mission trip there back in July. She was here for my Spring Break Crop, and Robbie & I donated a little money to help her with expenses while she was in New York serving with the group from her church as they fed and ministered to the poor and hungry there.

I'm planning to scrap the story about her response soon, but for now here's a peak at the thank you note she wrote (she, of course, knows what is most important - when we can scrap again!) . . .

and a photo of me in the T-shirt she brought back for me.

I hope you've found something fun in your mailbox or had a special delivery lately!


  1. Gotta love all the happy mail and deliveries! It's always fun to get scrappy goodness in the mail.

  2. What a vibrant fun post!! I love your new banner, what a cheerful studio you have!! And we ***heart*** NY too, that's where we are from!! :) Can't wait to see your video. My mailbox has been void of happy mail, but I know why...I haven't been sending any LOL...hope to get back to that soon...morning sickness just might be abating some.

  3. Such lovely happy mail....even when it's hand delivered!

  4. it makes me happy to see a little bit of our London adventure in your party room! You're the best.

  5. What a lovely, cheery post to come across as I sit down for a rest at lunchtime here! I love how you have included a little story with each one - especially the one about the new driver. Round here I have been inventing little grocery shopping tasks for our new driver :)

    Great post!

  6. Catching up today: loved your Texas State Fair photos. When I was growing up in the Midwest, fairs were a much bigger deal than they seem to be in the northeast. I loved them, and your photos brought back lots of memories. The banner in your craft room is fabulous!

  7. What a wonderful selection! And I love your cheerful craft room, it's very 'you' :)

    I've been lucky enough to receive some lovely cards lately, wishing me a swift recovery (which, sadly, hasn't materialised - but the cards are gorgeous to look at!)

  8. Wow, your mail is waaaay more exciting than mine! Love the banners in your scrap room and looking forward to your video!

  9. Wow! Such fun stuff - reminds me that I need to get some things in the mail!

  10. Great selection of goodies Rinda, O could do with getting some stuff in the mail too!
    Alison xx

  11. Such an uplifting post, Cheri, and it's lovely to read about givers and receivers and happiness! The banner looks perfect in your studio - oooh, a video. Looking forward to it!

  12. I may not get mail that often but I recently got a very nice card in the mail. It came from my Aunt Melissa (hint hint) and inclosed was an article by Nicole Weider, who as stated in the card is a model and christian. The article was about true beauty, I am so glad my aunt thought to share it with me, it was much enjoyed.
    Natashia (Pun'kin)

  13. It's so nice to receive snail mail, but even nicer when the mail has something nice in it! Looking forward to seeing the video on your completed album.

  14. Wookie gets lots of interesting packages, many more than anything else. However, I got my Studio Calico kit this week and look forward to playing this weekend :)


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