Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Photos From Robbie's iPhone

In celebration of Robbie's birthday today, I am sharing a few random photos from his iPhone and the stories that go along with them.

He snapped this photo at a craft fair because he has this same rocking horse, the one his Dad built for him but which was never completed. Robbie wanted an idea of how the paint should have looked.

I often joke with Robbie when he is driving my car, an SUV much larger than his car. He has a little trouble parking in the lines sometimes and takes much wider turns than necessary. So, when I inadvertently parked on the line one day while we were out at lunch, he snapped this photo as "proof" that I can't park any better!

Robbie is an avid TV and movie fan who can recall numerous bits of trivia. This show was playing at a trade fair we went to, and Robbie was surprised to learn that Roddy McDowall had once been on the Carol Burnett show in character as Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.

This framed painting of Santa was in the window of a Kirland's store in the mall and Robbie thought he might like to try to replicate it, so he snapped a photo.

Here's a photo taken a couple of weeks ago when we arrived home with my new Suburban!

This last shot is my favorite. Robbie was standing in line to vote earlier this month, and he snapped this photo to text to me. He commented, "Look at this cool picture I took. You're starting to rub off on me!"

Happy Birthday Robbie!


  1. Happy Birthday to Robbie. And that last photo really is a cool bit of street photography. Funny how many people are on their phones (you can tell even with the shadows!).

  2. You really are rubbing off on him! I love the shadows on the wall. That's a great photo! Happy Birthday to Robbie! And have a fabulous Thanksgiving too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Robbie! Great pics, all of them!

  4. Happy Birthday, Robbie. I have a small Corolla so it doesn't matter to me if someone parks over the line. I can still squeeze in, but I don't think I could even drive a Suburban!

  5. Happy Birthday Robbie!

    The last one made me smile - isn't it nice that you are rubbing off on him and he likes it? :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Robbie! What a great way to see what someone values as they move through their days!

  7. Happy Birthday Robbie!...love that shadow pic
    Alison xx

  8. Sorry, I've been neglecting my Reader of late!
    But it looks like I'm just in time to wish Robbie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I love that final photo :o)

  9. I love the stories behind the photos! You have a great guy! Happy Birthday Robbie. Love the last photo!

  10. Love the photos and the stories behind them. Happy Birthday, Robbie!

  11. Happy birthday for yesterday, Robbie :) (Sorry, didn't get online at all yesterday so my greetings are late!) That last photo is just fabulous :)


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