Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Month In Numbers - November

(Digital template from Simple Scrapper. Papers from Cheryl McCain's Tea Party Sampler.)

2013 red Chevrolet Suburban purchased

3 field trips organized by Aunt Melissa for Paige, Laurie  and Natashia

24 episodes (the entire first season) of The Waltons watched

14 birthday gifts to Robbie from Melissa

9 day Staycation for Thanksgiving week

23 Cowboys 20 Browns final score at Cowboys Stadium

4 Christmas trees set up and decorated for the holiday season

7 Christmas movies watched

2 get-togethers for Melissa to crop with friends

9 layouts completed, 17 cards created at Pearls Game Night, 14 blog posts published


  1. The Waltons takes me back a bit....I haven't watched that for years!

  2. a good month! Can't wait to see your shiny new car

  3. Wow! That's a lot of movies watched. I loved The Waltons, but haven't thought of that series in a long time. I'm so glad to have our Christmas tree up and decorated, but I can't imagine getting four decorated.

  4. Oh, I used to love The Waltons and look forward to it every week. A perfect bit of nostalgia for this time of year

  5. Oh the Waltons, what memories that brings back. My latest throwback TV viewing is Murder She Wrote - which I came across on Netflix by accident while searching for George Clooney. Obviously I'm a novice at Netflix!

  6. oh field trips with little ones, how fun! Looks like a glorious month and December will be even better :)

  7. Golly, the Waltons takes me back! You fitted a lot in - we haven't even got a tree yet let alone decorated one :). I really like layout, with the sentence strips and the photos clustered like this.

  8. I like the journaling strips with the grid of small photos - lovely. My parents love the Waltons and got the dvds last year for Christmas.


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