Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Isn't it wonderful that we have a day to celebrate scrapbooking!?! I hope you are having some scrappy fun today as we celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, or I should say International Scrapbook Day since there are scrappers around the world celebrating and enjoying this fun hobby today.

My Mama and my friend Michelle will be here scrapping with me, creating layouts, snacking on chocolate, and making fun memories. Like the memory of the last time the three of us scrapped together . . .

It was Easter Sunday. After a delicious lunch, the three of us retired to my craft room.

Mama was just getting into scrapbooking - although she started my original scrapbook (& my sisters') years ago and had occasionally dabbled in scrapping, this was her debut with new supplies and techniques. Since she forgot to bring her own photos and supplies, she flipped through my Category Drawers and stash to find something to work with. I thought everything was going along fine until she applied adhesive to the back of a sheet of patterned paper, picked it up, and promptly adhered it to the edge of the craft table!

I decided I probably should "help" Mama (and advise Michelle, too, of course), so I didn't actually get anything scrapped that day. However, Mama & Michelle completed two layouts each.

I'm confident that today we will all three end up with several completed layouts and have lots of fun along the way.
Well . . . actually I got an early start! Shimelle posted her first NSD challenge at midnight UK time, which was still Friday evening here in the states, so I whipped out a layout to fulfill the challenge to Scrap in Pink.
Happy Scrappin' Y'all!


  1. Love your pink layout,Melissa.
    I'll email you later today about Sian's swap.

  2. Happy iNSD to you! I will be spending part of today on my own scrapping and getting artsy!

  3. I hope you all have a happy time together together. WISH I could persuade my sister to scrapbook, but at least I did put together a starter package for a school friend of TSO today. Another convert.

  4. Hope you are having a fun day, Melissa...I am just about to sit down and try to do some scrapping now!
    Alson xx

  5. Happy NSD to you, looks like you're all having a lovely time.its what this wonderful hobby is all about

  6. We made a few scrapbooks with my mother before she passed away, but I think we (my sisters and I) ended up doing the lion's share of the work. No matter - it was fun. And we organized the family heritage photos as well, so I know who they all are.

  7. you are blessed to have such lovely scrapping companions.

  8. And to you too, Melissa! More than anyone else I know, you scrap more pages and with such enthusiasm that I am not surprised it is catching and enjoyed by others too, in your company :).

  9. Love the pink! Great job with the "pink" challenge!

  10. Sadly, I didn't have any crafty time on Saturday, but I have all the BPC challenges saved for later. Your layouts (all three of you!) are great.


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