Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inspiration Days & My "Job"

Remember those Inspiration Days my friend Ellyn and I have taken? Our first outing was a day at the Dallas Arboretum where we found lots of colorful blooms, architectural details and shadows. The second time we got together to practice photography and find inspiration included a visit to a local park where we found a war memorial, a playground, and bluebonnets.

There's one little fun part of these excursions that I haven't shared yet . . . my "job" during these outings. It starts with the fact that Ellyn is a quilter. She makes wonderful quilts to keep, to give away as gifts, and to sell in her Etsy shop. She shares photos of those quilts on her blog . . . which leads to my "job".

Ellyn brought along a recently completed quilt on each of our outings and we looked for the perfect spot to snap a photo.

Have you figured out my "job" yet? Maybe these next photos will help.

Yep, my "job" is to hold the quilt in place while Ellyn snaps the perfect photo. Really I'm supposed to be hiding behind it, but sometimes I just can't resist popping up - it certainly makes for some fun times & photos!

We have the date all set for our next Inspiration Day and I'm looking forward to seeing Ellyn's latest quilt. I might even take along a few layouts and try some creative photography!


  1. I love when you pop up behind my quilts! LOL I have not made any big quilts lately. I either need to get busy or dig out some older ones for a photo op! Thanks for the plug

  2. Hey Ellyn - LOVE your quilts! I've got one started and didn't buy enough material to begin with and now they don't have any of the "stax" left of that particular material. So I'm on the hunt for some coordinating colors to finish it off with. My first quilt, BTW! SLOW going.
    Anyway, Melissa, great to see you sharing your outings and your job sounds really "cushy" if I must say so. LOL
    Thanks for the share!

  3. I particularly like the last one. And I think it's so funny to imagine you "photo bombing" the quilt shoot!

  4. A lovely job to have....those quilts are gorgeous.

  5. The photos made me smile - sounds like a fun job with some gorgeous quilts :)

  6. Gorgeous quilts..and a really fun post

  7. It looks like that friendship is quilted together with fun! Great snaps, great quilts, great model!

  8. I love your idea of an inspiration day. If nothing else, it makes you stop and "smell the roses." I need to try it!


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