Thursday, August 29, 2013

Remember That First Inspiration Day?

Back in March, Ellyn and I headed out for our first "inspiration day" - a day to get out and practice photography and look for inspiration for our crafting. I recently created two layouts with some of the photos from that day, both of which began with one of my own Starting Points.

This first starting point uses blue and brown papers and a couple of strips of washi tape.

When I flipped to the photos of me and Ellyn at the Dallas Blooms, I knew they would work perfect on this layout. I added yellow as an accent color and love the way it turned out!

Here's a couple of detail shots.

I created this next layout with supplies from our local scrapbook store for a class I had planned to teach earlier this month. (Unfortunately, I had to cancel the class because I arrived home from our vacation with a case of shingles, which are all cleared up now. My energy level, however, has not yet returned to normal!)

I always have fewer portrait orientation photos than landscape, however I really like the look of this layout and will have to remember to turn my camera on its side more often.

Did you notice those cute heart embellishments? I made those with washi tape, using a technique from the Camp Scrap workshop earlier this summer - I'll be sharing more about it in an upcoming post!

Ellyn and I took a little break from our inspiration days over the busy summer, but I'm excited that we have one scheduled for September. What will you be doing for inspiration this fall?


  1. So on 9/12 you and I should have a little Inspiration Day of our own! You pick the place. Can't wait to hang out with you!

  2. Fantastic layouts! That is awesome!

  3. I like how both of your 2 page spreads turned out - and those hearts are darling. I, too, forget to take portrait photos with my camera. Have fun on your next day out in search of inspiration.

  4. can't wait til our next day.... I'm ready to get back in the groove!

  5. I'd love to have a local inspiration partner. It sounds like so much fun! Occasionally a friend and I go on a photo shoot, but we're rarely both home at the same time recently.

  6. Sweet Girl is fun to do inspiration days with :) Love both the layouts and can't wait to hear about the hearts!

  7. I like wandering and taking my camera while looking for fun or interesting shots. Always come home having a great time.

    Hope the shingles are completely gone - and your energy levels come back, there are some horrible side effects.

  8. So fun to see your backgrounds and then the finished page. Great two-page layouts!

  9. So fabulous to see how the layouts started, didnt they turn out beautifully.

    Take time out Fi yourself and rest, hope you're on the mend soon x

  10. Love those little washi hearts and the idea of inspiration days. I hope your energy levels are soon back to normal x


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