Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Starting Points With Green Scraps

The first Tuesday of each month, my friend Ellyn hosts Crafty Tuesday at her home. (Some of you might remember me mentioning it here a time or two!) It's a fun gathering of friends who get together to craft. We each bring a craft to work on, which results in quite a variety of activity around the table - scrapbooking, sewing, embroidery, fabric sorting, applique', knitting, crocheting, card making, English paper piecing, organizing, etc. I can usually be found scrapbooking a few layouts, however last week I did not have anything ready to scrap when Tuesday morning arrived.

So, I quickly pulled out a few of my scrap files and several sheets of 12x12 papers and decided to create my own Starting Points. I started by emptying my green scrap folder and sorting the pieces by size, throwing away the smallest pieces as I went. Then I created four Starting Points, each began with one full sheet of 12x12 paper and was completed with scraps from my green folder. Over the next few days, I flipped through my storage binders and found photos and stories to work with these pages and have four layouts to share with you today.

This first one went together fairly quickly after I pulled two photos of me and Robbie relaxing at home.

This next starting point looks a little bit like a hodge podge and I found it harder to work with. I ended up changing the little embellishment in the top left corner and covered up a good bit of the papers as I worked.

On the back of one of these photos from my 6th birthday party, Mama had written the names of each of my friends and family who attended. I copied the back of the photo so that I could preserve Mama's handwriting on the layout.

I found a photo from the early 1980s that worked perfect on this next layout, although you can barely see me peeking over Mama's head.

And finally, the one that gave me the most trouble. I started with this unique green cardstock and ended up adding a multi-colored patterned paper to it, but I wasn't happy with it as a starting point. However, not one to waste anything, I decided I would find a way to use it. As you can see in the final layout, I ended up covering up a lot of the paper and using a grid design (and the color came out different in the photo) - it's still not my favorite, but I am happy to these photos of me and my friend Michelle enjoying a scrappy day preserved in my scrapbook.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?


  1. I love them all! so glad you are part of our crafty Tuesday fun

  2. It's hard to pick a favorite! They are all awesome! Love the starting points! The Crop one is so colorful & fun, so if I have to pick a fav, that would be it. Great job Melissa!

  3. Love them....though the last is my favourite....I really like the design and colours.

  4. I think I'd have to pick the one with the handwriting..such a lovely way to add a special touch to this page.

    (and the only birthday party photo I have is of my 6th party, and they must have been very close to each other)

  5. What a clever way to deal with your scraps! I'd say my favorite is the birthday party and how you copied your mom's handwriting.

  6. They are all great - and what a good use of your scraps. My favourite is the birthday party because of your Mom's handwriting too!

  7. Love your starting points! I've always been a fan of them. Great way to fill up your cropping time and to gather it at the last minute. :)

  8. I always admire anyone who can begin with paper first! I have to say I do like that last one - both the design and the colours.

  9. Great layouts! I love finding other scrappers. Stop by and say hi.

  10. I love the green and the pink together.


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