Friday, September 27, 2013

LSNED: 13th - 18th

I'm using 12x12 divided page protectors for my LSNED lessons this year, with two 4x6 sections for each day. I'm reading Shimelle's prompts each day, however I'm using those more as a reminder to be aware of what I'm learning (or remembering) throughout the day rather than using the prompt idea itself. Today I'm sharing six more lessons from earlier this month.

I signed up for the BPC Art+Science workshop and was not surprised when the pre-class creativity test showed that I am left-brained!

During a lovely relaxing Saturday at home, I realized that 1,000-pieces puzzles are becoming easier for us and can be put together in a few hours, so it's time to buy some puzzles with more pieces!

And I was delighted to learn that Shimelle created a Pinterest board for all the Glitter Girl episodes - what a great resource to scroll through when looking for inspiration!

In the spirit of learning and trying new things, I tried a new recipe - Tennessee white chili (definitely a keeper).

As I was preparing to head out of town for a crop, I took time to give myself a manicure & pedicure and it occurred to me that friends not only know your favorite color, they give you nail polish in that color.

And finally I lucked out when I discovered that the Project Life album I picked up at Michaels was 60% off the day I stopped in to find a new album for my Faith Walk layouts.

I haven't completed any of my lessons passed the 18th, however I am continuing to record my daily activities and will hopefully find time this weekend to look back over those notes to discover the lessons in each day. How is your September coming along? Have you learned anything new lately?


  1. Your LSNED project is shaping up quite nicely!

  2. It's coming together really well Melissa. My September has been a different one this year with TTO off to uni, but we are adapting!

  3. I haven't been keeping up with Shimelle recently so am glad to know about her Pinterest board! You've done a great job keeping up with LSNED!

  4. Well, Shimelle has been on a organized binge lately hasn't she. I heard there's a board for her starting points as well. It looks as though LSNED is beneficial as well as fun for you.


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