Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Love Story

I mentioned in a previous post that I've started working through the materials in last summer's Hello Story workshop. The week one materials on Timelines was extremely inspiring, and I made a list of ten or so layout ideas as I read the handout and watched Ali Edward's class videos.

Ali shared a two-page timeline layout with photos across the top, then a line with stars along it to mark points in time and stamping and journaling below. I used that same format for this layout to tell our love story. The photo on the left is the first time Robbie & I met in person (we actually "met" first on the Internet!); the next two photos were taken during the months we dated; the third photo was shortly after we became engaged (I chose it because my engagement ring can be seen); and the final photo is (obviously) our wedding.

I chose to include four spots on the timeline, represented by the hearts. I used a ticket stamp and wrote in a title for each time frame, stamped a date underneath, and then added my journaling.

The In Person Meeting 
San Marcos, Texas - Lobby of Motel 6. Melissa's friends from Singles Group hanging around. Robbie arrives with yellow roses. A great start!

The Long Distance Dating
Lots of trips for Robbie from Rockwall to Groves and a few for Melissa from Groves to Rockwall. Worth every mile! 

The Romantic Proposal
Friday evening - at the house in Rockwall. Robbie carries in a red tray with candles, roses, etc, and pops the question. Melissa says Yes! 

The Fairy Tale Wedding
Bow River - Banff, Canada. Freezing weather, but beautiful blue skies and a one-horse sleigh ride. A perfect beginning!

I included some of the finishing details that Ali used in her sample layout, primarily washi tape and additional stamping. My title is in the top left corner.

I have to admit that I've barely looked at the other ELEVEN weeks of material in the Hello Story workshop because I got so inspired with the timelines! (BTW - if you missed this workshop, it is being run again as the second 4Experts class at BPC this year!)


  1. Awesome layout Melissa! Love seeing a group of photos like this from different time periods. I was really inspired by several of the weeks in this class and made a handful of layouts. I still need to go through the materials of the last two weeks. It was a great class. :)

  2. What an awesome idea! This layout is fabulous!

  3. Another fabulous layout Melissa! Let me say again, you were such a gorgeous bride! That cape - wow!!

    I can't believe you lived in Groves! Did you know Jennifer Moore or Jonathan Endicott?

  4. Oh this is lovely, I like seeing the progression and remember the page that Ali did too. I'm not surprised that Hello Story is being offered as a 4 Expert - it was such an amazing class.

  5. I love pages with multi photos....and the timeline underneath works brilliantly.

  6. Love your page. I especially love your use of the hearts as your "timeline points." They are just the perfect thing for this page. I, too, took this class, but did not finish it. Soon...

  7. Another gorgeous layout, and I think you must have had one of the most romantic weddings ever! I'd love to hear the story someday of how you chose Banff as the wedding spot.

  8. A beautiful layout and lovely to share in your love story - very romantic! Makes me wonder about Penny - she is dating someone she met online who lives quite a distance away - perhaps he will be the one for her!

  9. What a great layout. I like the snippets of journaling. For a while I got caught up in telling longer stories and that is all I should tell. I need to get back in the groove of just doing pages. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Have fun in California. I so wish I would have signed up and been brave to go alone. ~Ann

  10. What a lovely story! It's quite special to have a photo of the first time you met - and you've really done it proud

  11. Beautiful, both the layout and the story :)

  12. Another really sweet layout. Thanks so much for sharing them.


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