Sunday, January 5, 2014

The First Dozen Years

The Inspired Scrapbooking workshop at BPC began this past week, and Stacy Julian introduced one of the twelve topics we'll be looking at over the course of this year. (These are the same topics we used in the Twelve workshop a couple of years ago.) January is all about the Seasons category and telling stories about the seasons of our lives, whether that means fall/winter/spring/summer or the various life stages we go through or other types of seasons - football season, holiday season, rainy season, etc.

Our first challenge is to isolate one area of our life and list the seasons. I knew immediately what I wanted to do because I've been working my way through the Hello Story class materials the past couple of months. The first week in that workshop (which I did not keep up with at all!) was all about timelines. So, my Seasons layout is a timeline of the seasons of our marriage over the past 12 years because we tend to divide those years up into four distinct seasons.

Here's a look at the journaling for each season:

We knew when SofTechnics
sold that change was on the
horizon, but we knew our love
was strong enough to take us
through whatever came along!
The busiest years of our lives as
we both worked and went to school.
We were goal-oriented and focused
on doing our very best as we pursued
our degrees and accomplished our
goals in record time!
Robbie’s job kept him busy & allowed
us to travel overseas together!
We also endured separations as he
traveled alone as well as other difficult
times during these years, but we were
busy & enjoying the traveling lifestyle.
Doldrums = state of inactivity or
stagnation–that’s how we feel right
now. Robbie has a steady job in
Dallas & Melissa keeps busy
scrapbooking, but we’re ready
for more excitement in our lives!
I'm thrilled to have these seasons documented and am looking forward to seeing what seasons we'll walk through together in our next dozen years! What seasons in your life lately have you documented lately?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea that you used. I was driving today thinking about this subject and how I would document it. There are so many seasons and looking at them a different way makes that challenge fun. Great page.

  2. I'm taking this class too. Love this layout Melissa! This is truly awesome!

  3. neat idea to document this! something to think about for sure

  4. Love this format, and sounds like it will be an interesting class! Happy New Year to you and Robbie! 😀

  5. Timelines caught my attention when Stacy mentioned them too - I have several in my hello stories notes I want to document. Hoping this class will motivate me to do so :)

  6. An interesting, challenging way to look at documenting life. I'm going to be looking out to see what else this class inspires you to do

  7. Great job with the seasons prompt! I have a few ideas percolating, but haven't done anything yet.

  8. This is so sweet! One of my favorite scrapbooks is the one I put together will all the photos from the years my husband and I dated until we had children (because that's when I started scrapbooking in earnest and had already done those pictures). It was so fun to relive those early years.

  9. What a lovely way to look at this class, and I'm really looking forward to the changes you have coming :)

  10. Have just had a catchup, your choice of word and how you interpreted the 'seasons' challenge,
    Alison xx


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