Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letting My Light Shine - Kindness Challenge

Cheri has been posting a challenge each week this year focusing on Kindness, and I have enjoyed incorporating her challenges on several occasions. This week she is encouraging us to be kind to ourselves and let our light shine by sharing things we like about ourselves (our physical self and our personality). I thought today would be the perfect day to share a few things as I wish y'all a


As y'all know I've struggled with my weight the last several years (although I'm working on that this year & will give y'all an update soon), however it wasn't always that way. Most of my life I've been fairly happy with my looks and many of my favorite things haven't changed. I like the color of my eyes (both my parents have blue eyes, but Daddy's are a much brighter color & Mama got her wish when all us girls ended up with Daddy's eyes). I like being a natural blond (I was the only person with blond hair in my family, so I thought I was ugly as a very young child . . . until I started Kindergarten . . . my teacher was absolutely beautiful . . . and blond . . . I knew then everything would be ok). I like that I have straight teeth (after my parents invested in braces, of course). I like my smile (Grandma always said I was like a ray of sunshine when I showed up smiling to visit her).

When I chose the word FUN  for this year, I not only wanted to incorporate more FUN into my life, I also wanted to regain that part of me that I felt I had not nurtured last year. In general I consider myself a FUN person, a faithful Christian, a loving wife, a good listener, and an encourager to others. I also feel that I've been blessed with the gift of teaching. I'm not sure if all my nieces and nephews would agree, but I personally consider myself one of the greatest aunts in the world! (oh, and humble, too!) LOL

I hope you are each enjoying this first day of spring and are finding lots of happiness throughout your day!


  1. I love being a natural blonde too! Thanks for playing along with the challenge.

  2. I think that your smile is lovely as well.

  3. Your a lovely person inside and out! I am working on my weight as of late. Big problems are starting to creep up and threaten me if I don't get it back under control. Sheesh!

  4. Love the idea of celebrating being an encourager of others, something I try to do too. Laughing with you at the 'best aunt' title - although having seen how much you have FUN with them I'm sure they would agree. :)

  5. You do have a fabulous smile, and you are a bright ray of sunshine in Blogland every day!

  6. You do have a lovely smile and I am sure you are the best aunt around!

  7. From your blog it is easy to see you are a natural teacher who ecnorages others. Your outlook on life always is positive, and I value that greatly.


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