Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Little Word - March

To begin the month of March in Ali Edward's One Little Word class, we were encouraged to review our intentions and action items as well as fill out the reflection card for February.
The main prompt for this month was to create a Vision Board. How FUN! Ali used a 16x20 canvas for her board, however I knew I wanted to create something that would go in my One Little Word binder. I really liked Ali's background of all text, so I started with two sheets of 8 1/2x11 white cardstock and adhered pages from an old magazine as my background.

I have a shelf that holds old magazines and books and miscellaneous items that could be used for this type of project, so I thumbed through those things looking for items to reflect my word FUN. I found this great envelope that opened to reveal a photo with an old car, suitcases, and a lady reading a map. This was actually the envelope for an invitation/advertisement for a ladies' retreat that I received in the mail several weeks ago. I knew it would be perfect for a project someday!

In an old Wizard of Oz book that I had as a child and is now falling apart, I found this photo of Dorothy and the Scarecrow - looks like they are skipping to me!
In another old children's book, I found this FUN image of Mickey and Minnie setting off for an adventure somewhere.
And this graphic came from an old comic book that Robbie gave me.
I started laying these items out on my background and realized that I really wanted the word FUN to be in the center of the board, so at this point I taped the two pieces of white cardstock together.

I also cut some word from a variety of magazines to fill in the bottom center of the board.
I am thrilled with the way the final piece turned out.

I knew I had a special 8 1/2x11 page protector in my stash that would work to keep the center of my piece together. It has two flaps that open in the center and looks like this in the binder. (I slipped in a piece of patterned paper for now, but may end up doing something different with these flaps as the year goes on.)

Open the flaps to reveal the entire vision board.

I had a ton of FUN creating this collage and sifting through my stash of FUN items to find the perfect ones to represent my word. Have you created a vision board or collage lately?


  1. that's pretty awesome! and no. I have not.

  2. This is absolutely awesome! Love it!

  3. Oh this is lovely - I like that page protector, do you know who made it/where you bought it? Ali's prompt is on my list for this weekend, was thinking I'd start this afternoon if I get my course work done first.

  4. you certainly do seem to be having fun, it's made me want to go out and grab some!!

  5. Looks fantastic and a lot of fun - I havent done mine yet

  6. How brilliant is this! Your young woman in the cartoon has the most perfect speech bubbles for your board ...

  7. Well, you've made collage look like so much fun that I need to try it again. I think the last time I did it was in 2011 for a decorative plate that I decoupaged. I'm just getting all kinds of good ideas by catching up on your blog. You are definitely spreading FUN this year.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!