Friday, June 13, 2014

Liebster Award

Several weeks ago Debbie honored me with the Liebster Award -  thank you Debbie! I've received this award before and passed it on, so today rather than following all the "rules" I'm simply sharing my answers to the 10 FUN questions Debbie asked in her post about the award.
1) What is your go to crafting item lately? This is a tough one as I've been creating a ton this year and am enjoying using a variety of items in my rather larger stash. Of course, I couldn't create without patterned paper . . . and washi tape!

2) What is your favorite book that you have read? My all-time favorite is the Bible, which I've read through several times. My favorite non-fiction is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. My favorite fiction is Gone With The Wind.

3) Would you rather take a car, train, or airplane to your travel destination? Yes! Any mode of transportation is fine with me as long as I'm with Robbie and we're headed off on an adventure.

4) Where is your favorite place to vacation? Banff, Alberta, Canada - the place we were married and have vacationed at several times . . . and will be returning to in July to celebrate my birthday! :>)

5) What is your all time favorite dessert? Grandma's Pecan Pie . . . and anything chocolate, of course!

6) Do you have a nickname? Daddy calls me Syrpo . . . it all started with Karo Syrup, but that's a story for another day.

7) What is your worst phobia? This is a tough one . . . probably being alone, completely alone, not in the physical sense of there not being anyone around me, but not having anyone that I'm close to, that I can count on and lean on.

8) Do you have a lead foot when you drive, or do you take it nice and easy? I take it nice and easy now . . . but you may recall from my teenage driving stories that it wasn't always that way!

9) What's your favorite board game? Scrabble - it's FUN, it's challenging, it's purported to stave off Alzheimer's, and I usually win!

10) Paper or plastic? Usually a canvas tote, otherwise paper if available.

Thanks again, Debbie, for the award. I hope y'all enjoyed learning a little more about me through Debbie's questions. I'd love for you to pick one or two and share your answers in the comments.


  1. Gone with the Wind! My all time favourite too! I read it at least once a year and have done since my sister gave me a copy when I was 14 years old and laid up with a leg in plaster :)

  2. Thanks for playing along! It's so great to get to know you a bit more. Have you done a scrapbook layout about your nickname?

  3. I have not done a layout about my nickname, but it is on my list of things-to-scrap!

  4. An interesting read! My phobia is submarines. They frighten me

  5. What a fun Q & A. I'm into Scrabble on my phone lately - and I only win about half the time playing against the computer - but then it uses words that aren't really words. (wink)

  6. Catching up again, HAVE been busy...and you've reminded me that I received that award from Debbie too...and haven't responded in any way..must get on to that!!!
    Alison xx

  7. Really interesting read, Melissa. The nickname story deserves a layout page, I'm sure! I am not sure if my dislike of caves counts as a phobia, but there are other places I'd rather be :).


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